10 Fruits And Vegetables That Can Be Grown On The Balcony

The modern world, apartment life increases the longing for natural life exponentially. It is not impossible to grow your own vegetables and fruits in this concrete world where it is not possible to deal with gardening. You can easily create your own fruit and vegetable garden on the balcony, terrace or windowsill and enjoy the natural foods you pluck from the branch. There are many different vegetables and fruits that you can grow in pots.

Pick the Tomatoes from the Branch and Bring to Your Table

Tomato is undoubtedly one of the most loved and delicious vegetables in Turkey and in the world. Natural tomatoes, on the other hand, are an insatiable flavor. All you need to grow tomatoes in pots is a large pot, soil and tomato seedlings. Do not expose the tomatoes to excessive sunlight and water them regularly without letting them dry out. You can decorate your table with tomatoes you grow in about a month.

Grow a Variety of Peppers

The beauty, taste and smell of fresh peppers plucked from the branch is quite attractive. You have no reason not to grow peppers on the balcony of your house. Water the seedlings you will plant in a large pot and talk to them regularly. Your pepper seedlings will soon bear fruit that will delight you.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Lemon Doesn’t Just Grow on Trees

Although it may seem impossible, you can grow lemons in pots. Use a deep pot for this and protect your flower from the cold. The fruits that emerge shortly after the lemon flowers open will open your heart and the enchanting lemon scents will spread to your home from the side of your window.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Eat or Make Jam of Fresh Strawberries Grown in Pots

Strawberry is another fruit that can be grown in pots. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the strawberries that you grow with your hands in the pot will surprise you with their taste. You can pluck your organic and sweet strawberries and eat them, or you can turn them into a wonderful-smelling pot of jam.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Grow Organic Fresh Eggplants Yourself

You can grow your own organic eggplants at home by planting eggplant seeds of many different varieties in pots. You can pluck the eggplants that you can’t get enough of, and put them directly on the table.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Fresh Potted Cucumbers

A large pot is required for cucumbers that should be planted between the spring months. Then water the seeds regularly and allow them to benefit from sunlight. It would be good to plant cucumbers from hybrid seeds of reliable companies. Seedlings of these breeds cannot grow too long. It yields a fruit from each flower, yielding much more than traditional varieties. It is also long lasting and disease resistant. The pot is placed in a wind-free, sunny place. Support rods are provided before the plant grows. Cucumbers are not infested, but a fungicide every 2 weeks is good.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Grow Your Spring Onions Yourself

The onion seeds you plant in the pot at the beginning of spring turn into fresh onions in the summer and become ready to eat. You will not be able to get enough of the onions that you will grow by watering regularly on your balcony or terrace.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Grow Garlic, a Natural Medicine, in Pots

Garlic, which is a panacea, is one of the products that can be grown in pots. Plant the garlic in autumn and consume it fresh or dry if you wish. Garlic likes to grow in clay soil, so choose a rich, clay soil with a well-drained soil drainage problem. It is also important that the area where garlic will be grown receives sunlight. Separate the garlic cloves. Do not peel off their shells. Each tooth you separate will come back to you as a lump of garlic.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Grow Fragrant Melons in Pots

You can easily grow the type of melon known as pot melon on your balcony or terrace. If you plant the melon, which likes sandy soil and deep pots, in the spring, you can eat it in the middle of summer.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

Grow Basil Flavor Your Meals

Basil, which suits all areas with its smell and taste, is one of the most beautiful herbs that can be grown in pots. After the basil seeds have sprouted, you can create wonders in your meals by plucking a few leaves from the pot while cooking.

10-vegetables-fruits you can grow on your balcony

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