10 Reasons to Live in the Aegean

Living in the Aegean is the dream of many. This fact shows how lucky the people living in the region are. Especially because it is famous for its coastal towns, it is the choice of those who want to find themselves and be intertwined with nature. We have listed 10 valid reasons that will prove the rightness of your decision to live in the Aegean Region, which is the dream of many people who are bored with city life today.

Being Away From City Stress

Although people try to stay away from the stress of the city they live in, outside noise and human voices prevent us from being alone with ourselves. The low population and regular settlement in the Aegean ensure the tranquility that is dreamed of.

Organic Life CultureOrganic Life

The Aegean Region, which is famous for its beautiful villages, offers peace and tranquility to those who want to continue their life here, while at the same time offering the right to organic life. Milk and dairy products obtained from villages close to towns and towns provide you with the opportunity to live in a natural way.

Aegean DishesAegean Dishes

While living in the Aegean Region, which is highly admired for its delicious food, it is inevitable to find the opportunity to taste these unique flavors and learn about them and cause the food culture to gain a different meaning. Especially with the dishes made with olive oil, life will become more delicious and enjoyable. Aegean, which has a very rich food culture in every category, it is possible to try many recipes from stuffed olive oil to kebab varieties.

Aegean ClimateAegean Climate

It is possible to feel cool and airy every month of the year in the Aegean, where the Mediterranean climate prevails. Thanks to the cool air even in the hottest months of summer, it is more enjoyable to live in the company of the light breezes of the Aegean, which bring the smell of the sea, instead of being exposed to the sweltering weather due to the heat felt in big cities. You can have the life you dream of by moving to the Aegean region, which receives a lot of immigration due to its mild climate.

No Traffic ProblemsAegean Traffic

Traffic torture, which is a nightmare especially for those living in Istanbul, has left its place to calm and order in the Aegean provinces. For this reason, the most ideal place to go for those who are tired of the hassle and noise of traffic is the cities of the Aegean region. ─░zmir provinces such as ─░zmir and Manisa are among the places to be recommended for those who do not have a place in mind.

Clean AirClean Air

Although crowded cities attract many people with their active lifestyle, one of the most negative returns is air pollution. It is possible to say that people living in big cities almost yearn for clean air due to exhaust smoke and pollution caused by people. With the Aegean region and its mild climate and clean air, it is one of the places where many big city victims want to go and settle.

Being Close to Holiday AreasAegean Resorts

While the Aegean is known for its unique holiday destinations that provide many opportunities to people who look forward to their holidays, people living in the Aegean spend their weekends mostly on vacation. Especially the holiday resorts, which are not far from each other, enable those living in the Aegean to spend their weekends in the magnificent nature.

Sincere Aegean DialectSincere People of the Aegean

The Aegean dialect, which is the subject of many TV series and movies, sounds different to many people with its unique language. Although the Aegean dialect alone is not a valid reason to live in the Aegean, people’s conversations reflecting on their sincerity make people feel good.

Spacious Picnic AreasAegean Picnic Areas

Weekend means a picnic for you as well, but if the possibilities of the big city you live in are not suitable for a pleasant picnic, the wide picnic areas where you will spend every weekend with a picnic are among the most important privileges of the Aegean.

Advanced Entertainment CultureAegean Entertainment

The Aegean people, who live in a region that knows how to have fun and give their due, enable the development of a sense of entertainment in those who decide to live here. With its hospitable and very friendly people, it is possible that every day will pass with a different taste of entertainment.

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