10 Simple Ways You Can Remove Sunspots

There are some simple treatment methods against sunspots, which appear on the surface of the skin with the effect of sunlight and are the fear of many women. Those who wish can choose any of these treatment methods and remove the sunspots on their skin in a short time.

Removing Sunspots with a Parsley Mask

In this cure, which is prepared with half a bunch of parsley and 1 slice of lemon, first of all, the parsley needs to be thoroughly chopped with the help of a blender and almost mashed. Then, the juice of 1 thick slice of lemon should be squeezed on it and the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and homogenized. The mixture prepared in the last step should be applied to the area where the sunspots are. The mask, which should remain on the skin for about 45 minutes, should then be rinsed with warm water. You can repeat this mask once in 3 days until your spots are gone.

Benefits of Yogurt Mask for Sunburns

In the yogurt mask, which is one of the definitive solutions on sunspots, 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 2 slices of lemon should be mixed and applied to the problem areas and the skin should be cleaned with cold water after waiting for the yogurt to solidify on the skin surface. With this mask, which can be applied every day of the week, the sunspot problem can be easily eliminated.
Yogurt cure to remove sunspots

Get Rid of Sunspots with a Baking Soda Mask

Prepared with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and half a teaspoon of baking soda, this mask should be poured over the spots and left for 10 minutes. Afterwards, a moisturizing cream should be applied to the skin that is washed with plenty of water. The use of baking soda mask once a week will be sufficient.
baking soda mask for skin blemishes

Eliminate Sunspots by Making an Egg Mask

Prepared with 1 egg, half a tablespoon of strained yogurt and 3 drops of lemon juice, it is sufficient to mix the egg until it foams and then apply the mixture to the problem area.
egg mask to prevent skin blemishes

Onion Mask with Vinegar

This mixture, which is prepared by grating 1 medium onion, extracting its juice and adding half a tea glass of vinegar into it, should be applied to the sun-stained area with the help of a cotton ball and left for 30 minutes.
vinegar mask to prevent skin blemishes

Clay and Corn Flour Cure

After mixing with 1 tablespoon of corn flour, 1 tablespoon of wet clay and hand cream, the stained areas should be rubbed with this cream. The cornmeal and clay in the cream will remove the dead skin that creates the appearance of spots on the skin surface.
Clay and cornmeal mask to block sun masks

Honey and Pollen Cure

2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of bee pollen should be whisked while being heated in a bowl. After the pollens are well dispersed into the honey, it should be applied to the stained area by massaging. After the procedure is finished, the skin should be cleaned with warm water.
honey and pollen mask to prevent skin blemishes


When mixed with currant juice, orange juice, parsley juice and lemon juice, it reduces the appearance of sunspots when applied to the problem area.
drink juice to prevent skin blemishes

Aloe vera

The fresh aloe vera plant, which is a panacea, can also lighten the color of sunspots on the surface of the skin.
aloe vera plant to remove skin blemishes

Apple juice

After mixing equal amounts of fresh apple juice and lemon juice, milk and olive oil should be poured into it, and the cure should be applied to the stained area with massage, which is left to cool.

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