10 tips for Tropico 6 beginners

Tropica 6, the newest game in the Tropico series, was first released on PC and Mac in March 2019, and came to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in the months and years that followed. The management game maintains its core gameplay very similar to its predecessors and was well received by critics, with a 78 rating on Metacritic.

Tropico 6 has recently experienced a sharp increase in its player base following the inclusion of the game in Microsoft’s Game Pass service. As a result, there will be a large number of new players currently struggling to unravel the game’s complex mechanics. Don’t worry, these tips will help new players.

Don’t be in a rush to build a building

In many management and strategy games, rapid expansion is the best course of action. As such, there will be many new players who will make it to Tropico 6 without thinking, treating the game as a race, like part of the Civilization series.

But rapid expansion from the start of the game is not a very good idea in Tropico 6. Players must constantly monitor their budgets. Also, rapid expansion is often not possible at the start of the game, as there will not be enough people on the island to cover all the necessary jobs.

Reduce Travel Time As Much As Possible

After the previous point, it is common for new players to rush not only to build the buildings as quickly as possible, but also to spread them out on the islands of their choice.

Doing so is a mistake. By forcing workers to constantly commute to and from each island, it significantly increases the time it takes to earn money. Instead, it’s best to create complex, interconnected building layouts to ensure rapid turnover. As the game progresses, gradually expand and branch out in an economically efficient manner.

Keep Education on Top

Training distinguishes itself from the previous two points, as rapid expansion is indeed the best course of action. As the game enters new eras, it is imperative to have workers trained enough to take on the necessary job roles.

As a result, players must have them build a High School and College as soon as they are financially viable. Otherwise, they will have to start paying off-the-island employees to fill the required jobs.

Put a lot of effort into tourism

Considering how many ways there are ways to generate income in Tropico 6, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on so many different income streams. One income stream that can be highly profitable but often overlooked by new players is tourism.

This is mainly because tourism takes some time to become financially beneficial when initiating new savings. When done right tourism can bring in a ton of money and also provide new jobs, including plenty for Untrained Workers.

Maintain Good Trade Routes

Trade routes are a great and reliable way to make money in Tropico 6 and are the foundation of a thriving economy. Players should make sure to visit the trading menu frequently to see the best opportunities for both export and import as both fluctuate constantly.

It’s also a good idea to keep a spare trading slot open. This ensures that if a big money-making offer comes in, players accept it instantly.


Invest Early in Factories

Factories are a great and reliable way to earn money on a new game start. They may not be particularly flashy or glamorous; however, they are stable winners, easy to maintain and do not require a great deal of labor. These three factors are quite useful early in the game.

The Dairy, Cigar Factory and Rum Distillery are particularly good places to pay. They will reliably make a good income during the opening hours of a new game and will generally remain the top earners throughout the game.

Think Logically About Housing

A common mistake for beginners is to build housing based on aesthetics rather than practicality. While building a series of mansions may seem nice, it won’t be useful at the start of the game if none of the citizens can afford to live in them.

Instead, players must make sure they walk before they run and build houses that fit the citizens’ needs. It is also important to think about placement to ensure that homes are close to where citizens will likely work.


Don’t Deduct Fees Unless It’s Necessary

When trying to improve profit margins, cutting worker wages may seem like a quick and simple solution to keeping costs down. However, this move will often backfire. Cutting the salary will lead to demoralization, which will later lead to low productivity.

While it may seem counterintuitive, it is often more financially beneficial to pay employees the maximum amount. Their increased productivity will provide a profitable return on investment.

Make Teamsters Happy

After the previous point, it is also worth keeping Teamsters happy with good pay and good quality of life. Teamsters are crucial to keeping an economy growing as they are responsible for transporting goods. Without them, the economy will collapse. Therefore, as with other workers, it is worth paying them generously to boost their morale and subsequently improve their work output.

Generally speaking, one Teamster Office should be built for every 100 people. Make sure you install them in a logical location close to where they will be working or close to public transport.

Play Tutorial

This advice may seem obvious, but considering how long and in-depth the game’s tutorial is, it’s very common for new players to skip it. While it can be tempting to dive straight into the game, it can damage the player’s experience and even drive them out of the game entirely.

To put it bluntly, it is better to devote a few hours to the tutorial to fully understand the complex mechanics of the game, not fully understand how the game works.

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