10 Ways to Make Your Home Bright and Spacious

While it is possible to make small houses appear wider with the right decoration choices, a house that is quite large with the wrong choices can look dark and gloomy. The choice of furniture is of great importance among the suggestions to show the light that most small houses need. The items chosen when decorating any room should be chosen based on the size of the room; For a small room, simple and light-colored furniture makes the environment look very bright and spacious. The ways to make a small and dark house look bright and spacious are through simple changes that everyone can easily implement.

Bright Colors Should Be Chosen On The Walls

Another issue that is as important as the selection of furniture to make a small house look bright is the choice of wall color. Although it is a beautiful color, darkly painted walls make the environment dark. In this sense, if cream and beige color tones, which are the most recommended bright colors, are preferred, the walls will look quite bright.

Lighting that reflects the light correctly should be chosen

The chandeliers and lamps chosen for lighting are of great importance in making the house look bright and spacious. Choosing lighting products that reflect light correctly is very important at this point. For this reason, those who want their home to be a spacious place should be checked whether it reflects the light effectively before buying a lighting product.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

Light Color Furniture Selection

Although light-colored furniture is not preferred by most people because it gets dirty quickly, those who want their home to be bright and spacious prefer light-colored furniture without worrying about cleaning details. Light colors such as cream and white should be preferred as much as possible, as they will make small environments look dark before dark furniture models.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

Entrance Decoration That Illuminates The House

The right decoration style can be an effective factor in making the house look bright in the doorways, which must be used to use many parts of the house. For this, placing stylish mirrors and frames on the entrance walls will be effective in making the house look spacious.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

Spacious Houses with the Right Bathroom Decoration

For those who care about the bathroom as much as the rooms of the house, the decoration style that makes you feel spacious as well as a stylish decoration is also very important. In addition to preferring light-colored tiles on the walls, it is necessary to include monochromatic designs in order to prevent a complex appearance in generally small bathrooms.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

The Importance of Carpet Selection to Show the House Spacious

The stylish and spacious decoration of the floors as well as the wall and space decoration will make small houses look spacious enough. Carpets with light colors and asymmetrical lines will make the environment look quite bright.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

Curtain Selection

Roller blind designs, which have caused major changes in curtain decoration in recent years, have provided an opportunity to get rid of curtains that cause houses to look dark while creating a stylish image. You can choose curtains for roller blind models. The choice of curtains plays a huge role among the ways to make the house look bright and spacious. If you have decided to use pleated curtains, choose light-colored tulle and soft-colored backgrounds. Avoid models with heavy patterns and heavy fabrics such as velvet.


Mirrors should be used as much as possible.

Mirrors, which reflect the daylight proportionally to the space, make the houses look extremely bright with their stylish models. For this reason, it is necessary to use mirrors as decoration elements on the walls. In particular, decorating a single wall of the living room decoration with a large mirror contributes to making the room look wider.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

Furniture With Open Shelves

While furniture with covers is one of the options that has become quite ordinary in the decoration of the living room and living room, many television units and shelf designs with shelves make the room look deeper and more stylish.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

Object Selection in Bright Houses

While the element of pleasure is at the forefront in the selection of objects and ornaments, which are indispensable in homes, those who own small houses should make their decisions by considering the need for a spacious environment. In this direction, several trinkets of the same model will make the houses look more spacious and wider thanks to the illusion.

decoration proposal to make the house look wider and brighter

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