5 Suggestions to Prevent Ping Problems Experienced by Console, PC and Mobile Gamers

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hello precious TechnoSupport followers, today we will convey important valuable information about the solution of the ‘Ping’ problem, which is one of the biggest problems of console users, and the details will be included in our article, respectively.


Internet is one of the indispensable details of today, many families, institutions, organizations, etc. from 7 to 70. users spend a lot of time on the internet during the day, if I have to evaluate myself on this subject, 8-12 hours of my day is spent using the internet on the grounds of my professional work life, on the other hand, busy hours in my daily life are spent using the internet, and in environments where such intense usage is experienced, an uninterrupted and trouble-free internet is spent. experience becomes very important.

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But there is also a performance dimension.

The performance aspect of the job is generally the way of use by content producers, people who play games in their spare time, or people who broadcast on streaming platforms.

With a simple example, a ‘ ‘ you experience while playing PUBG Mobile with your friendsping‘ problem will ruin your game enjoyment, and it is very possible that you will experience momentary pauses, frame losses, sound losses in the game due to this problem. In this case, unfortunately, this type of online-based games will hinder your success.

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The main source of ping problems is definitely because your internet data is not properly transferred to the devices you use. At this point, both the router devices you use and the speed value of the internet data package you have contracted with your ISP company are also very important.

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Yes, maybe we have come to the most curious part of our article, we will explain these parts to you with explanatory texts.

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1- Internet Infrastructure

Perhaps this is the most important part of the job, unfortunately, this part of your personal hobbies will give you a headache in regions where the internet infrastructure is inefficient, so the infrastructure support in your region is very important.

2- Router Devices

After Wi-Fi 5 wifi 6The quality of the data rates transferred has changed considerably with the transition to Gigabit Ethernet support was one of the factors that contributed to the performance, if you want to experience the mobile game at the top wifi 5 or wifi 6 supported Routers It will be very useful for you, as well as users who have ping problems on PC and Console. gigabit Supported products will be a savior.

11858 technical support

3- Healthy Device Usage

Although it is one of the most interesting items for you, the general maintenance and healthy use of the devices you use will provide a significant benefit on the performance side of the business. It has been observed that there is a great difference in speed issues.

4- User Controls on the Router

It is useful to make frequent user controls on the router devices, now, unfortunately, Wi-Fi security keys can be captured easily with 3rd party applications, you can check this situation from the WLAN devices section of your modem control panel, although not often, at intervals. The use of data by users will adversely affect this flow.

5-Maximum Internet Performance on Consoles and PCs

Today, the devices that are put on the market for games and entertainment are produced with very high quality OEM parts, the way of use is more important than the quality of the hardware, in competitive games, make sure that there is 1 LAN cable between your router and your PC or console, although Wi-Fi technology has developed The importance of Gigabit Ethernet technology will also prevent even the lowest data losses.

These are the technical details that we think will contribute to a great extent that have been tried and provide a solution quality , if you apply them , they will mostly remedy the loss of efficiency you experience .

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Usually console and PC based competitive games have their own dedicated port servers, which you can find on the company’s own platforms. For instance Call of Duty: Warzone playful TCP & UDP Port information is below.

Platform TCP ports UDP ports
PC 3074, 27014-27050 3074, 3478, 4379-4380, 27000-27031, 27036
PlayStation 1935, 3478-3480 3074, 3478-3479
xbox 3074 88, 500, 3074, 3075, 3544, 4500


First of all , port numbers are never fixed and may change , so they should be checked at frequent intervals , port numbers reduce the bottlenecks entered due to ping problems you experience and contribute to them by one level . Regarding port opening processes, according to your modem brand and model. our website You can access information via 11858 You can learn from our call support line.

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