6 Interesting Studies Made Thanks to Pi Number

Although the number pi is limited as a number used in mathematical operations for many people, it is actually an inspiring concept in different branches of art. Apart from the interesting works such as poems written according to the numbers on the steps and the balancing of the numbers with the notes, this article focused on visual works. Thanks to the pi number, different subjects, such as biology and mathematics, can be hybridized and brought together in many paintings.

Popular “pi artist” Martin Krzywinski started this work by coloring the numbers and assigning black dots to certain numbers (2, 3, 5 and 7). After the sequence was created flat, it was folded in the black dots to fit into the circle.
Pi Study 2
Numbers put together from 13,688 digits after coloring.
logic of chance
Prepared by John Venn in 1888 by assigning the first 8 digits to the eight directions. Logic of Chance named work.
pi number walkThe “pi-walk” study after the first 4 digits were assigned to the four cardinal directions by Francisco Aragón and his students includes 100 billion steps.
Pi Working 5In Cristian Vasile’s work with 16 repetitions, he moves by segments according to the value of the digit.
Pi Working 6Aragón’s work in which he colors 1 million squares according to the numbers in the pi number.

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