8 Cute Resorts of Marmaris

Marmaris, which has many opportunities among the holiday paradises of our country, is flooded by domestic and foreign holidaymakers every year. The most beautiful holiday resorts have alternatives to meet every expectation. The fact that the city of Marmaris is rich in terms of historical heritage to visit and see also causes these pleasant towns and holiday villages to attract attention. For those who want to spend their holiday in the most beautiful resorts of Marmaris this year, the most charming holiday resorts are as follows.


Icmeler Town, which is only 8 km away from Marmaris, is a very popular town among experienced holidaymakers who know how to enjoy Marmaris. In addition to being a place where all kinds of accommodation can be found; The fact that it has a beach that makes it possible to enjoy the sea, sun and sand causes the city of Marmaris to be a place that contributes greatly to tourism. Luxury hotels can be found here, as well as resort hotels that fit every budget.

Icmeler Accommodation Recommendations:

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Marmaris Turunc Town
Turunç, one of the first to come to mind when talking about the charming towns of Marmaris, is 20 km away from the city of Marmaris. Thanks to its unique view, it is a place that allows you to see the forest and the sea together, making it the favorite of those who want to spend a holiday intertwined with nature. Turunç town, which has the perfect nature to relax and enjoy, also offers various sports and activities for those who want to have fun and participate in various activities.

Hotels in Turunc:


Kumlubuk Marmaris Town
Kumlubuk, a seaside town with a very charming appearance, is located 25 km from Marmaris. The favorite fish restaurants of many people visiting Marmaris are located in Kumlubuk. Kumlubuk comes after Turunç town as a location.

Kumlubuk Accommodation Recommendations:


Marmaris Hisaronu Town
Hisaronu, which is one of the biggest towns of Marmaris, has qualities worth seeing with its natural scenery. In addition to the many advantages it offers visually, it is possible to find many opportunities in terms of activity and entertainment here.

Hisaronu Accommodation Recommendations


Bayir Town Marmaris
Bayır, one of the most ideal resorts of Marmaris to enjoy the greenery and nature, is especially attractive to those who want to participate in Jeep Safari tour activities. Various local dishes and drinks are among the main features of Bayır town that make it a favorite. On the other hand, the fact that Marmaris is home to its history offers many alternatives for those who want to visit and see.

Bayir Accommodation Recommendations:


Marmaris Farm Town
Ciftlik Town, which has become popular with its very beautiful beach, attracts attention with its clear and clean sea. As one of the lively towns of Marmaris, it is among the resorts frequently visited by those who are interested in diving. The magnificent scenery created by the various towns around it allows the holidaymakers of Çiftlik to spend time in a view that is not enough to watch.

Farm Accommodation Recommendations


Hisaronu Town Marmaris
Selimiye, which is one of the smallest Marmaris towns with its beach, is a frequent destination for green lovers, especially with its green nature. As an ideal town for those who want to spend a quiet and quiet holiday, there are many restaurants with delicious food. The presence of some historical ruins in Selimiye makes it preferred for touristic trips. The fact that it is not far from many coves and towns around it allows easy passage with yacht and boat tours.

Selimiye Accommodation Recommendations:


Marmaris Bozburun Town
Bozburun, one of the towns where calmness prevails, is a decent place especially preferred for yacht tours. The fact that it is quieter and has limited facilities compared to other towns causes the number of restaurants and hotels to be less. Bozburun, which is 45 km away from Marmaris, has the qualities to be recommended for those who want to spend a quiet holiday with its wonderful nature and silence.

Bozburun Accommodation Recommendations:

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