8 Natural Ways Japanese Women Owe Their Beauty

Of course, Japanese women, who are among the women that many women look up to and follow with admiration, have some beauty secrets of their own. Although some of these beauty secrets may sound strange, these methods, especially used by geishas, ​​are very popular in the Far East. These techniques, which were used only by Japanese women in the past, are also performed with interest by many famous stars around the world today. Among the beauty secrets of Japanese women, which we will talk about shortly in this article, different features of different animals, from sharks to bees and birds, are used.

Shark Cartilage Strengthens Hair, Nails and Skin

Shark cartilage, one of the most preferred animal products of the Japanese, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, prevents the activities of all kinds of free radicals in the body, making the skin, hair and nails of the people who use it much stronger and healthier. Shark cartilage also prevents the formation of cellulite.

Snail for Pimples and Birthmarks

It is not a dream to have a smooth skin with snails, which are effective in preventing all kinds of acne and acne problems on the skin and birthmarks left on the body after birth.
beauty secret of japanese women snails for acne

Bird droppings against aging wrinkles

Bird droppings is one of the most common treatment methods applied by Japanese women for wrinkles, especially in the face area, with the advancement of years. Although it may sound interesting, bird droppings prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin surface.

Royal Jelly Against Hair Loss

One of the most frequently applied care treatments by women who complain of hair loss in Japan is the direct application of pure royal jelly to the hair during the shower. Royal jelly significantly reduces hair loss.
beauty secrets of japanese women anti-aging royal jelly

Caviar for Smooth Skin

Unlike Turkey, caviar, which is not an expensive product in Japan, is one of the products frequently used by those who want to have a smooth skin appearance thanks to this feature.
beauty secrets of japanese women caviar for smooth skin

Drinking 2 Cups of Green Tea a Day

Drinking at least 2 cups of green tea every day has become a tradition in Japan. Green tea, which fights cancer with its antioxidant properties, also accelerates metabolism by helping to lose weight. In addition to all these benefits, green tea also makes the skin much softer.
beauty secrets of japanese women anti-aging green tea

Anti-Aging Effect of Algae

Anti-aging seaweed is also the first choice of many young or middle-aged women in Japan. Algae, which protects the skin surface with the vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids and iodine it contains, also purifies the skin from toxins.
Seaweed mask that rejuvenates Japanese women

A White Skin with Rice Flour

The most distinctive features of Japanese women are their smooth and white skin. In order to achieve this complexion, women in Japan mix 3 spoons of rice flour with milk and apply it to their skin by making a paste. This cure also removes acne.

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