9 Ways to Overcome Fear of Airplanes

Fear of flying (aviophobia) is the common nightmare of many. Even the fact that air travel greatly shortens distances is not a sufficient reason for most people to prefer air travel. However, the fear of airplanes is not a phobia that cannot be cured, as long as you want to get rid of this phobia. Here are easy methods as child’s play to get rid of your phobia;

Don’t Underestimate the Fear of Airplanes Get Ready to Overcome the Phobia

The most important thing in psychology is that the patient accepts his situation and desires to fight his fear. It is very important for the fearful individual to want to overcome this feeling and to be determined about it. Thus, serious progress is made and it becomes easier for the person to convince himself.

Fly in the Right Place with the Right Plane

If you have a fear of airplanes, you can try to get away from this feeling by determining the safety and comfort of the vehicle you are flying. With the new systems, you can choose what type of aircraft you fly with. If you can, try flying first class on the first flight you decide to overcome your fear of airplanes. Thus, you will feel much more comfortable in comfortable and wide-area seats and you will narrow your stress area.

Ask Flight Attendants for Help

Flight attendants are selected from extremely relaxed, courteous and smiling people. Observing them throughout the flight is a way to alleviate your fear of flying. In addition, when you feel uncomfortable, you can find the opportunity to relax a little more by contacting them.

Prepare for Concussions, But Don’t Focus on Them

It is quite possible to experience turbulences and tremors during flight. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for these situations and convince yourself that turbulences are normal. However, listening to and focusing on the jolts throughout the flight will reinforce your fear and make you feel anxious. That’s why you have to find ways to keep your mind busy.

Do Activities to Distract You During the Flight

If you want to overcome your fear of flying, it is useful to distract your mind by dealing with something other than your fear. For example, you can listen to music or read a gripping book that interests you. That way, you won’t even know how the journey ends, as your mind will be completely occupied with what you’re doing.

Ways to overcome-fright-of-airplanes

Don’t Run From Your Fear Go On

The most effective method of overcoming fear in psychology is to go after what creates fear. If you have a fear of flying and want to get rid of it, aim to overcome this fear by flying frequently.

Find Ways to Sleep During Flight

During sleep, the body relaxes and fears disappear. Before boarding the plane, make sure to wake up early and sleep less. Thus, your fear of falling asleep during the flight will also decrease.

Ways to overcome-fright-of-airplanes

Take Deep Breaths and Divert Your Mind

Fear is an illusion created by your mind. In fact, air travel is much safer than an ordinary bus ride. Therefore, take frequent deep breaths to take your mind off your fear and direct your mind to things that will make you happy and distract you.

Don’t Listen to Sounds

If you have a fear of airplanes, even a small crack may sound like a big explosion to you. So don’t focus on the sounds and prepare yourself for minor jolts.

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