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A Surprising Partnership from Spotify and Storytel Is Coming!

In particular, Spotify, which is a rival with Apple Music, is trying to attract users to itself. We learned that he will give virtual concerts with his statement recently. We learned that he signed a new partnership with his new announcement. A Surprising Partnership from Spotify and Storytel Is Coming!

A Surprising Partnership from Spotify and Storytel Is Coming!

Streaming platform Spotify, the popular recently audio booksis logging in. Swedish based audiobook app storytel They made a deal with Thanks to this agreement, it is expected that the number of users will increase, leaving its competitors behind.

For the feature in question, the company collaborated with the audiobook application Storytel. Efforts are being made to open the library, which is included in the content of the Storytel company, through the Spotify application. The new feature is requested to be active all over the world by the end of the year. It is thought that the cooperation, which provides an advantage against its competitors, will yield successful results for both companies.

Making a statement about the partnership Storytel CEO Jonas Tellander “We think this is a great partnership to reach more potential audiobook listeners around the world.” used the phrases. In addition, annual growth rates 30% also stating that tellander, stated that they hoped that the cooperation would contribute to growth.

Storytel, approx. in 150 countries and in more than 30 languages in service. Moreover from 500,000 More audiobooks are available in the app. Monthly 356 million application with active user, Spotify It is considered to be a great advantage for

But to have this feature storytel subscription required. of Spotify It is estimated that it will solve this problem by offering solutions such as two-in-one packages.

So what do you think about this partnership? You can share your views and thoughts with us and our readers by commenting below.

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