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A Very Different Social Media Application Is Here!

Not a day goes by that a new social media platform does not join us. Now, a new application has come, which attracts attention with its features. A Very Different Social Media Application Is Here!

A Very Different Social Media Application Is Here!

Since the internet has entered our lives, almost all of our time is now spent on the internet. Especially with the emergence of smart phones, social media platforms entered our lives. As you know, these platforms are constantly sharing what, where, how and with whom their users do at all hours of the day. interacting she wants to stay. In this way, companies and users gain sufficient popularity.

But most of the users on the platforms show a fake life. Often not their true identities and personalities; They show themselves the way they want to be. Users who are trying to be popular also share everything instantly and quickly to be visible. But now a new platform is among us. The platform in question was designed by Professor Ben Grosser at the University of Illinois. Platform users called Minus away from all these worries It focuses on how to create a profile when it is available and with limited sharing rights.

Ben Grosser, an artist and professor at the University of Illinois, has been researching how to create better quality communication on social networks for a decade. At the end of his research, he designed an application that we are not used to. minus Unlike other social media applications, the social media platform offers limited interaction to its users. minus, if there were no likes in the center It was designed as an interesting way of seeing how social media might work. In the application, it is not important to share likes, followers or continuous posts. Users can only interact with comments and only share 100 posts in their entire lifetime.

Professor Grosser Minus wants users to think harder for each post. to represent themselves and their lives max 100 posts possible to share. Here, it creates a space for the representation of life, not to be admired or to stand out. Also in the app No monetary gain is targeted.. In this way, it should not be considered as a commercial business.

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