Adding a Checkbox to Google Docs

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In this article Google DocsWe will explain in detail the process of adding a checkbox to .

From the list menu in the toolbar Google DocsYou can add checkboxes to .

Checkboxes are interactive. So by ticking these boxes, you can highlight the relevant text.

iOS and Android for Google Docs In the toolbar of the mobile app, there is also a checkbox option to documents.

In today’s modern world, things are full of endless task and to-do lists. Such lists help you or others keep track of your tasks and what to do. For such follow-up lists, you can create a document with items to do and tasks and a checkbox. And in creating such documents Google Docs It can help you. Google DocsAdding checkboxes to any document is easy, whether you’re using it on a computer or mobile device.

Adding Checkboxes to Google Docs on PC

  • in a web browser Google DocsOpen and create a new document or open a document you have already created.
  • Enter the text you want to add checkboxes to in the document. For example, if you want to make a checklist, create a list in the document and then select them.
  • Find the button with the list icon in the toolbar and click on the popup menu. In the list marked options, usually in the upper right part, hollow squares Select the option.

After this process, checkboxes will now be added in front of the selected text. Anyone with permission to edit this document can click these checkboxes and select the relevant items in the list.

11858 technical support

Adding a Checkbox to a Document with the Google Docs App

Android and iOS on devices Google Docs With the app, you can easily add checkboxes to a document, just like in a web browser.

  • Android or iOS on your device Google Docs Open the app. Next, open the document for which you want to add the checkboxes.
  • Enter the text that will appear in your list into the document, and then scan the text you entered to select this list. Touch and hold the text to scan the text. Then drag the selection bar to contain all the text you want to select.
  • In the toolbar above the keyboard with list icon Tap the button. The text you entered and scanned will become a list. However, the toolbar checkbox it will expand to show the button.
  • Displayed as two checkboxes in the drop-down menu in the toolbar. Checkbox Tap the button.
11858 technical support

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