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Alleged Instagram Vulnerability! Here are the details

According to information shared recently Instagram vulnerability Android users are in danger. According to the results of a research on the subject, hackers, who are at the beginning of the attacks on the Instagram Android application, can access important data that puts users in a difficult situation. So, can this situation be resolved?

Instagram is on the agenda with security vulnerability

Instagram is on the agenda with security vulnerability

While Instagram is making a name for itself with its new features, it also poses a danger with its security vulnerability. According to a study carried out by the CheckPoint research company, hackers can take control of their smartphones with images prepared only for Android users.

Published on Facebook February 2020 Instagram update announced that the problem with the issue has been almost completely resolved and that previous Instagram versions have been affected by the vulnerability. In the current situation, hackers can easily obtain their data by examining what their victims are doing on Instagram on their phone.

Due to the vulnerability, it is said that serious damage to the memory could be caused by the execution of remote code that allows easy access to the camera, microphone, contacts, photo gallery and GPS. Thus, hackers who provide this access can use malfunctioning smartphones for different purposes.

It is said that 6 months ago, Facebook engineers noticed this vulnerability and fixed the existing problem to a large extent with the February update. Unfortunately, it is seen as a normal situation that this vulnerability has not been fully closed and may still cause problems for users. Facebook claims that this vulnerability does not cover all Android users, and even users using the pre-update version are almost not affected.

If Facebook Instagram update It thinks it can protect its users from such threats. The company warned users that they should keep the application constantly updated in order not to be affected by these security vulnerabilities.

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