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company name recently Zepp who will rename Huami announced its new durable smartwatch that it developed a while ago. Amazfit T-Rex Pro The device has become a modem in which users have shown great interest with its design details and hardware quality. Our review will include hardware, design and technical features.

As you know, in the last 5 years, many brands, including major smartphone manufacturers, have launched their own smart watches, among which there are popular models as well as unpopular models that have been canceled even at the project stage. Nevertheless, as I mentioned among these brands, the top players in the market such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei continued to dominate the market, I guess. Amazfit T-Rex Pro The brand will soon be among these players with its success.

Amazfit-T-Rex-Pro-1160x680.png (1160×680)TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS

360×360 AMOLED Display
1.3 inch
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Always On Display

General features
water resistance
dust resistance

Bluetooth 5.0

390mAh Li-Polymer
Magnetic Charge
40 Hours of use


As we see in almost all smart wearable devices T-Rex Pro’It can also be used with a phone assistant application that we will install and customize.

Developed for this Zepp application as well Android It is supported by both iOS devices.


T-Rex Pro It has a touchscreen like most smartwatches and has four physical keys. Pressing any of these four keys is enough to activate the watch. Physical keys come to our rescue when the touch screen cannot be used.

We should mention that there are minor improvements in the user interface compared to the previous model, the watch.

By sliding down the main screen, a panel welcomes us, in this panel we can easily perform operations such as clock brightness, notifications, do not disturb mode, screen lock.

11858 technical support

Amazfit-T-Rex-Pro-sports-modes.jpg (1920×1080)DESIGN DETAILS

The watch is offered to users in 3 color options, these 3 colors include the company’s red color touches, and since the color options of the device are close to dark tones, it is possible to use the device in any environment and combine it with any outfit.

The outer case structure of the watch is plastic and has a metal coating. Also, as we mentioned 4 pieces the physical key is located on this case, these physical keys provide us with various advantages when using the watch in many ways. Also, as someone who likes to use watches with physical keys in the past, for example. Casio G-Shock The physical keys on the models also add beauty to the wristwatches as design details.

T-Rex Pro It is a model based on physical endurance as its general usage, and the necessary certificates highlight this, in this case, it allows you to use the watch safely in most environments where physical pressure will be felt (water sports, mountaineering, camping, military environment).

156623-fitness-trackers-review-amazfit-t-rex-pro-review-image17-9g7xerjoyf.jpg (970×647)


On the screen AMOLED Using a panel + can be considered an advantage, but I can say that the screen resolution of the product is a little low when looking at the products of many brands. But don’t be fooled by this purchase, it is a very adequate device in terms of overall evaluation.


According to the tests carried out, the product is fully loaded. 3-4 It takes the day off easily, which I can say is quite enough for a smart watch user.


I can say that it is a product that can be purchased with its product design details and hardware features. 1500-1700 TL I can say that this price tag is a bit high compared to the features it offers, the reason is that similar brands generally have the same details in terms of software and design. But if you have the intention to buy it, I recommend you wait for a while and buy it after it goes on sale.

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