Android Games with Dualshock Support

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In these times when technology is advancing step by step every day , it is now possible for us to experience console quality games on our smartphones , of course you will need a good Gamepad for this , today’s review is on Dualshock .

As you know, Dualshock has Bluetooth support, thanks to this support, it is possible to use it on Android and Apple based products, today we have listed Dualshock supported games for you.

one-) Call of Duty Mobile

As one of the regulars of the game, I love to use Gamepads especially in 4 FPS matches. Cod Mobile, which has a great compatibility with Dualshock, is no different from the PS system with its vibration features, even when we loot in the game.

1389406.jpg (5120×2880)2nd-) Asphalt 9 : Legends

With its gameplay, high-level graphics, and the tools it contains, this game, which has a structure that does not look like console games, has gamepad support, and you can use it directly without the need to make any special settings.

asphalt-9-legends.jpg:800 (1733×800)3-) Beach Buggy Racing

Another car race, but this time our game is a complete mobile platform wonder, it is possible to spend pleasant moments with Dualshock, a game that aims to pass the level with the obstacles in the game and the time it gives you.

beach-buggy-racing-cheat.jpg (1600×800)

11858 technical support

4-) Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger is a masterpiece that I think will be in the top 5 of the games I enjoy playing. Our only goal in the game is to destroy the zombies that are in trouble, and I can say that it is one of the rare games with 120 FPS support among Android games. Having Dualshock support is a great detail.

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)
5-) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Yes, you certainly did not hear it wrong, the well-known GTA series is one of the games with gamepad support. Prepare the gamepads already. All you need to do to spend pleasant moments with CJ in the GTA universe is to connect your Dualshock via Bluetooth.

grand-theft-auto-san-andreas_9_1280x720.png (1280×720)

6-) eFootball PES 2021

With the development of smartphones, it is possible to play console-quality games, the biggest example of which is football games, indeed, football games are no longer looking for console quality. The biggest example of these is eFootball PES 2021, Dualshock support will also be a detail that will excite users.

ss_a2d3f372b4214be3354520e50d6339212272bbb1.1920x1080.jpg (1920×1080)

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