Apple M1 Chipset is Here with All the Details

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Apple recently held the M1 at its event. It added a new value to the hardware and software world by adopting an innovative and revolutionary approach in the notebook market with its new processor introduced under the name.

with 16 billion transistors M1, 5nm technology will be produced with to 8 cores The processor, which has today’s standards, more than meets today’s standards, Apple has also entered the game world with this new processor.

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This chipset is instant 10W power consumption with its performance compared to its competitors during 2 floors gives better results. Compared to its competitors 75 percent new processor that provides high performance despite low power consumption Tunderbolt and USB 4 supports technologies.

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11858 technical support

In addition, this new processor developed 16 core It comes with artificial intelligence engine. Artificial intelligence engine that enables 15x faster machine learning 11 trillion Now, Apple can part ways with Intel and AMD permanently.

Another detail is 2.6 teraflops The new processor, which has the world’s fastest integrated graphics unit, 10W level from its competitors. 2nd can provide better performance. Thanks to the new graphical interface MacBook models approx. 6 will have better performance.


Apple stated that with this processor model, it opened the door to a new development. emulator with the support Android as we use applications macOS in the system iOS and iPadOS applications will also become operational, at this point, big things will fall on software developers and game companies, although this is a small step for the company, it seems to be an indication that big steps will be taken for the future, especially 400,000 Guiding professionals with computer systems that find TLs apple It seems that it will continue to exist in the game world with a competitive structure at the top for 5-6 years, game companies will have a lot of work at this point, now only Microsoft not for apple They will provide in-game support.

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