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Apple Music Announces The Most Streamed Songs of 2021!

Near the end of the year, Apple Music came up with a new list. The platform has released the outstanding songs of 2021. Apple Music Announces The Most Streamed Songs of 2021!

Apple Music Announces The Most Streamed Songs of 2021!

Apple Music Announces The Most Streamed Songs of 2021!

As with many platforms near the end of the year, Apple Music shared a list with its users. Additionally, in previous times, the platform had announced the most popular podcasts. If the company is now Apple Music announced the most listened songs on its platform to its users.

Popular music streaming platform Apple Music regularly shares user data every year. Now, for the first time, it has added the Top 100 Streamed Songs, Top 100 Shazamed Songs, and Top 100 Lyrics categories to the list. In addition, the most played workout music through the Fitness+ application is published under the name Top 100 2021: Fitness.

The song that left its mark on the list shared by the platform, BTS group dynamite being a part. In addition, users most Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) [Tiësto Remix] (Joelmost Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) [Tiësto Remix] (Joel Corry) they chose the song. Additionally, Masked Wolf Astronaut In The Ocean The song is the most shammed song. In addition, in our country, most of Sefo’s I don’t know? song is playing.

  • World’s Most Streamed Song of 2021: Dynamite – BTS
  • Top Song Lyrics: drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo
  • Most Played Fitness Song: Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) [Tiësto Remix] – Joel Corry
  • Most Shazamed Song: Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf
  • The Most Streamed Song of 2021 in Turkey: I don’t know? – Sefo

So, which songs did Turkey listen to the most in 2021?

Top of the list of the most listened songs Sefo, I don’t know? It has a song called Also second on the list EDISin the third place madrigal is located. In addition, here are the top 25 pieces;

  1. I don’t know? (Sefo)
  2. Seagulls (EDIS)
  3. Don’t Worry About You (Madrigal)
  4. Krvn (UZI)
  5. Find From Allah (Ezhel)
  6. Find Me (Ezhel)
  7. I Don’t Care (UZI)
  8. There’s a Reason (Dilemma)
  9. I Could Die (Bedo & Boss)
  10. Yesterdays To Be Forgotten (Gazapism)
  11. Astronaut In The Ocean (Masked Wolf)
  12. Sorry (Tugkan)
  13. Machine (UZI)
  14. Angel (Reynmen)
  15. Hasbelkader (Bilal Sonses & Yıldız Tilbe)
  16. Far From The World (Sakis)
  17. Dua (feat Uzi) / (Sun)
  18. Kissed by Breath (Mustafa Ceceli & Ekin Uzunlar)
  19. Bonita (Sefo & Reynmen)
  20. wet sand (Contra)
  21. Alaz Alaz (Buray)
  22. Oh My Hands Was Broken (Tugce Kandemir)
  23. Like the Laws (Derya Uluğ)
  24. Don’t Say You Didn’t Like (Kurduş Kuş & Burak Bulut)
  25. Urban Transformations in My Mind (Ten to Two)

So what do you think about this list? Also, are you using the Apple Music platform? In addition, you can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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