ARK: Survival Evolved review

ARK: Survival Evolved follows a standard survival game cycle in an open world environment with a rich prehistoric biome and dinosaurs. This means that after customizing your character’s appearance, you’ll wake up stranded on an idyllic island with no idea of ​​your past or the state you’re in. From there, you must do your best to meet your basic living needs (water, food, warmth) as you explore the island in hopes of discovering its mysteries.

ARK: Survival Evolved review

The most unique aspect of ARK that makes it stand out from other survival games is that there are many different species of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures (some can be tamed and used as mounts) on your island. However, you will quickly learn that you are in an anachronistic world that combines both the past and the future, rather than getting stuck in the past; This is Jurassic Park, as you can see from the strange technology buildings around the island. It also includes crafting recipes that you unlock as you level up, with modern weapons and other little surprises.

Despite its quirky environment, ARK’s gameplay is quite challenging. Everything you do, including collecting resources, crafting new equipment, or fighting enemies, will earn you experience that can be spent on permanent upgrades for your character. However, the rest of your belongings could be lost at any time. As a result, I felt like I was starting from scratch again and again.

ARK: Survival Evolved gameplay

Using prehistoric creations as a unique feature offered quite an interesting biome. Dinosaurs are interesting and appealing to the imagination. Studio Wildcard had hawk eyes in this area. While the game was originally released with only a small batch of monsters during its early access release, the game now features over a hundred different creatures.

Dinosaurs are the part on which the game is largely based and considered. All living things have a very different appearance and function. Even within a given type there are many variations based on colour, level and overall stats. Catch two level 70 saber-toothed tigers and they are unlikely to have the same attack stats or be that fast.

The wonderful thing about different primitive animals is that each creature fulfills its own role in society. Some help you gather berries and meat, while others provide building materials or are suitable for sieges. This diversity and distribution of roles is admirable. And especially animals that usually look good.


ARK: Survival Evolved maps

Different maps you can play as good as dinosaurs. The original map The Island is a true paradise. You will continue to be amazed at what is to be seen, both in size and variety. Various ecosystems exist that not only differ aesthetically, but also change the entire game. For example, the snow biome requires a completely different lifestyle than, for example, the jungle, where you need to dress warmer.

After The Island, the worlds Scorched Earth, Aberration, Valguero, Crystal Isles, Genesis (Part 1 & 2), Extinction The Center and Ragnarok were released as expansion packs. Although most of them come as paid DLC, they are just as immersive. With the introduction of these maps, more biomes, unique dinosaurs, items and materials have been added making ARK Survival Evolved have an incredible amount of content.


ARK: Survival Evolved graphics

Graphically, all this content looks great, there’s just one huge ‘but’ attached to it. Fortunately, ARK was already much better optimized at launch, but still requires a powerful platform. You’ll soon need a GTX 970 or equivalent if you want to run the game somewhat smoothly on PC. If you have an older setup, you’ll have significantly less fun with ARK.

In addition to the graphics aspect, the controls are pretty good too. ARK has a mountain of different actions and interactions. Giving orders to your dinos, socializing with other people, building bases and collecting supplies are just a few of them. After messing around a bit with your inventory and hotkeys, you’ll know this on PC in no time. Even riding a flying dinosaur can be learned by anyone!

This versatility is reflected even more in the RPG elements of the game. Your character gets stronger by leveling up. Once you level up again, you can split points between your core skills like a higher amount of life or holding your breath underwater for longer. This is just the beginning of the many choices you have to make next.

Each level also lets you create new items that come in varying degrees. Everything from simple spears to high-tech elevators is covered. There is only one caveat that comes in the form of a limited number of consumable points to unlock these plans. In addition to the necessary survival resources, it’s wise to pair unlockable items with your teammates.


ARK: Survival Evolved multiplayer online experience

The social element plays a big factor in the game. Other players may make your experience negative or positive, as ARK isn’t exactly friendly to loners. When you log out, your body will fall unconscious and be killed by other players, then criminals can loot your equipment. You don’t need to just log out for this, because essentially all players on a server can kill you at any time.

You’ll never get too far on your own, as ARK’s players often congregate in large tribes. Together they form a team and share all their belongings. This also means that these tribes are often at war with each other, so hundreds of hours of work can be wasted in a matter of minutes. A loss is permanent, so any tamed dinosaurs or structures simply disappear.

While this can be daunting to many gamers, it provides a lifetime of fun. The tension that comes with risk is heightened by the bonds you form with your own tribe members. You work together on specific missions, spend hours taming monsters, and stealing from other bases is great fun. Until you encounter the wrong one and start all over again.

When you enter ARK, remember that multiplayer isn’t all about you. The game continues when you stop for the day, and it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, players can choose to play on pve servers where it is not possible to kill others.

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