Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

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For you today, Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate We did the review.

History of Gaming Phones

Gaming phones have become quite popular nowadays. So much so that many phone brands have turned to this direction. As a matter of fact, the history of gamer phones is not that close. The brand named NOKIA introduced a phone for players for a while. The company launched this device with the model name NOKIA N-Gage. It is a very high quality device for its time. Today, this process still continues. Many companies produce their own gaming phones.

As you know, player phones are superior devices in terms of hardware features. Many models have hardware features close to computers. That’s why their prices are higher than normal. Player phones are usually produced by Chinese manufacturers.

Gaming Phone Brands

It produces many famous brands of player phones in China. These brands are companies such as Xiaomi, Asus, ZTE and Lenovo. Generally, the features of the phones produced are exactly the same. The only difference is the design details and additional physical features. For example, Xiaomi devices have green details, while ASUS devices have red details. The physical features of the devices are also quite technological. While one company can add fans, another company can add trigger keys for players. Especially in the new generation smartphones, such details are quite a lot.

Today, we are reviewing a player phone for you. This phone is the Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate model. In addition, Asus is a brand that produces gaming computers and accessories. Asus, which is also very popular in our country, has demonstrated its quality with every product. The smartphone, which is our guest of review today, is also a very high quality device.

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11858 technical support

Asus has made many innovations after entering the player market. The most risky of these innovations was player phones. Although the player phones are beautiful, it is a new project. This project also includes technical details that need to be formed yet. Many phones do not have games with superior graphics features yet. Game manufacturers usually produce games for consoles or computers. For this reason, if you intend to buy a player phone, we recommend that you think again.

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Asus RoAsus ROG Phone 5 has very superior features.

on the screen side AMOLED with the panel. This panel 144 It has a refresh rate. Also, the resolution of the screen FHD designated as. The display panel is also 300 It has hz touch sensitivity. This reaction sensitivity reduces the latency in games. This feature is also available on new generation monitors.

On the processor side, classically Snapdragon 888 exists. Many companies that produce player phones use the Snapdragon brand.

The most important feature of this phone is that it has dual batteries. Generally, the battery consumption in games is quite high. Dual batteries are used to reduce charging consumption. This feature will delight many players. In addition, these batteries are charged at 6000 mAh and 66W.

11858 technical support

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