At what age are seizures most common in children?

5 age six children’s in 4-5% visible. Addiction seizures are often top 2 at age It may appear before 6 months. When the nervous system matures 4 agedisappears by itself after the age of 6 at the latest.30-Apr-2019

What causes seizures in children?

Participation Causes of seizures It may be related to heart, brain and metabolism problems as well as familial predisposition. Generally, those who are breastfed for a long time, drink a lot of cow’s milk and tea, and consume less iron-containing foods in children We see engagement/participation seizures more frequently.

When does the seizure lapse last?

Attendance Watch Remittance Difference Participation seizures are usually expected to improve at the age of 3-4 years, at the latest at the age of 6 years. In general, it is expected that the participants will finish at the age that they can understand what is being said.

How long does the engagement watch last?

join watch 1-2 minutes takes. After this time, the baby comes to himself. Addiction bouts epilepsy seizure is not. Addiction bouts it is completely harmless.

What to do with a child who bruises while crying?

Medical treatment may be considered for these cases. It is known that seizures are associated with iron deficiency anemia in most of the cases, that the attacks improve with iron treatment and are genetically inherited. Therefore, the seizure to children Iron therapy is recommended.

What should be done during the attendance watch?

During the join watch We must remain calm and distract the child. It is wrong to pour water on the child’s face or to slap him. join watch If it is a baby who has had a stroke, if he turns on his side and vomits, it should be prevented from entering his lungs.

What is the cause of epilepsy disease?

with a neurological disorder epilepsyIt occurs due to abnormal electrical activity in a group of neurons in the brain. During the seizure, which is caused by the deterioration of electrical activity, temporary deterioration in the brain functions of the person occurs.

What to do if the baby joins in crying?

First of all, it is important for families to keep their calm during the participation bouts. your baby If it is added, care should be taken not to shake it and it should be protected against the risk of vomiting. baby must be tilted. During joining your baby It is necessary to observe their movements.

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