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Audio Ads Coming to YouTube! Similar to Spotify

It has been announced that the audio ads feature of YouTube, which is currently in beta, is offered to a much larger user base. With the feature currently being tested, Youtube users will encounter audio ads while listening to podcasts or music. Users are also familiar with this type of advertisement from Spotify. Audio ads are coming to YouTube!

Audio Ads Coming to YouTube

In addition to being the most popular video content platform worldwide, YouTube is also a tool used by music and podcast broadcasts to reach larger audiences. Youtube, which wants to generate income from the audio content in question, offers the new advertising model being tested in this regard to wider audiences.

of youtube “Expanding reach efficiently and increasing brand awareness” In addition to standard visual ads on YouTube, with the feature that he said he developed for the purpose of audio ads will also be included. As you can imagine, YouTube’s audio ads are specifically targeted at those who use the app for podcasts and music.

Audio ads will be broadcast for podcast lovers

If we think about it for a minute or two, it is possible to compare YouTube’s audio ads feature to Spotify’s free version. This type of ad will appear in front of users with 15-second long audio ads. But since YouTube is a video content platform, audio ads will also have a static image or small animations.

Melissa Hsieh Nikolic, YouTube Ads Product Manager, made statements about audio ads. Companies should not forget that the leading role will be the voice used when preparing an audio ad, and users should clearly and clearly understand what the ad will be about even when they close their eyes, The message should be conveyed in an understandable language with a sincere, attention-grabbing voice. stated.

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