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Ban TikTok! Popular App Banned Again

TikTok has been banned once again in Pakistan for containing objectionable content. With this ban, the popular application of recent years was banned for the second time after the 10-day ban in October. Ban on TikTok.

The popular application has brought many new phenomena out of itself. It also included many celebrities and phenomena. The application, which is growing rapidly and breaking records, is banned in various countries.

Ban TikTok! had happened before

In October 2020, there was a TikTok ban in Pakistan due to indecent and inappropriate videos. But it’s gone after 10 days as they reassure the videos that they will be suitable for the community.

Five months later, a high court in the city of Peshawar gave a new decision on the application. The app, which has millions of users in the country, has ordered it to be banned to comply with the rules of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). Court, “Peshawar In order to respectfully comply with the orders of the Supreme Court, PTA to service providers TikTok has instructed them to immediately disable access to its application”.

In addition, the reason for the decision still remains unknown. It is not clear whether a video instantly caused this decision. Claiming that it contains unacceptable content Peshawar YM President From Qaiser Rashid Khan he complained.

TikTok if the front to The Verge made in the statement, “TikTok, It is built on a foundation of creative expression, with strong measures to keep inappropriate content off the platform. in Pakistan We’ve grown our local language audit team and followed your community guidelines. remove infringing content We have the necessary mechanisms for that.” it said.

So what do you think about these developments? Also, do you use TikTok? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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