Barn Finder review

Barn Finders allow players to search abandoned barns for valuable treasures that they can repair and sell. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2020, Duality Games’ Barn Finders arrived on Steam in June.

Barn Finder review

In the single-player simulation, players travel to abandoned barns and warehouse units to collect items to sell at the pawn shop, perform chores for family, friends and other customers, clean and repair old items, and recycle trash. The game is somewhat expansive, requiring players to really search every corner of the barns and grounds to find treasures and get things done.

Players can participate in storage unit auctions and compete for access to more exclusive items to repair and sell. They can set up their own pawnshop and negotiate with customers to sell items at the best possible price. For those who love games like House Flipper or Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, Barn Finders offers a unique and immersive experience that puts players directly into the pawnshop action.

Barn Finders gameplay

Players start in a pawn shop in a small bedroom. They are awakened by Uncle Billy, the character’s uncle, who owns the shop and they recently moved in. The player is given a series of tasks to complete and must navigate the store to complete them.

While the gameplay is fun and generally gripping, working on the controls is a bit cumbersome, a little too linear for story and plot-creating gameplay but too weak for this type of linear gameplay, and the tutorials available aren’t yet comprehensive enough to help players. It may take some time to get used to the mechanics at first. Consideration should be given to the difficulty of moving and the overall goal of searching, finding, fixing and selling.

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Players can go to their first abandoned barn to find the decoration one of their customers wants. He will search the barn and recycle trash for money, transport valuables to their shop and look for the special map item. They can then return to store, repair and sell the items they have collected, or to pack and ship. The rest of the game follows the same pattern; players go to stables and auctions to buy items that they can repair and sell for profit. Meanwhile, a mysterious alien lurks, watching the player’s every move and seemingly scrutinizing them.

Barn Finders sound and graphics

Barn Finders is admittedly immersive, forcing players to look into every nook and cranny to find items and interact with special objects to enter hidden areas and complete quests. This realistic search puts players in the action and clearing all possible collectible items on a given map can be difficult. The process of clearing and repairing items for sale and welcoming customers, as well as making upgrades around the store using collected resources, lends the gameplay a unique feel and the graphics are typically quite detailed.

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Players must complete the actions in order and can only explore one barn at a time. There are a limited number of items to find (although players can return to the stables for new items later). Given the simplicity of its playstyle, it might suit those who want to play for simple fun. Barn Finders is a fun game with a simple presentation and sufficient content and tasks.

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