Best Android-Based Games with Story Mode

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Nowadays, when smartphones come head-to-head with our computers, both their processors and their RAM capacities, it is extremely enjoyable to play games, especially if you like long-running story mode games like me, I can say that this list is just for you.

LifeAfter(Google Play Store & App Store)

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LifeAfter, which was added to the mobile platform after the PC version, is an open-world survival game of a quality that you cannot encounter. The story of the game tells us that we are trying to survive among people who have turned into zombies after an epidemic, and our struggle with extremely powerful and difficult to kill creatures. In addition, it is a very long-term game as there is a mission system in the game. The reason why I added this game to the top list, whose graphics I like very much, is that I don’t like it after my experience.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Google Play Store & App Store)

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You will enjoy playing this game, which is transferred to the mobile in the same way as the PC version, and you will be emotional from time to time. The story of the game is as follows; It is a touching story about the adventures and dangers of two brothers who lost their mother’s death, finding the only cure for the medicine as a result of a cruel disease that their father was caught. In the game, you can manage 2 brothers with the 2 joysticks that appear on the screen in the same way. For this reason, we can say that it is a nice game that can be played by 2 people with a Bluetooth joystick.

Max Payne(Google Play Store & App Store)

Max-Payne-1-Screenshots-2.png (600×337)Yes, you heard right, Max Payne was integrated into the mobile platform a long time ago and offered to us users. It would not be unfair to say that this game, which is integrated without losing any of its details from the PC version, is at the top of the list of games that can be played for a long time. The story of the game is as follows;

short name NYPD Working as a detective in the New York Police Department, he lives a happy life with his wife and daughter. Max Payne When he comes home from work one day, he finds his wife and child murdered by drug addicts. Max kills anyone who enters the house, but that’s not enough to save his family.


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A new generation drug, unheard of until then, in the blood analysis of people who broke into their home and murdered their families. Valkyr He learns that a substance called This pill called Valkyr is spreading like a frenzy, affecting the masses. It is clear that there is a relationship between the death of Max’s family and this item. That’s why Max was previously with the DEA (DEAHe accepts the transfer offer made to him by his friend Alex Balder from ) and for three full years investigates who is the person who traded this substance in the city and who killed his family. Infiltrating the drug mafia as a secret agent, Max Payne finds himself on New York’s most wanted list as a result of Alex’s murder and being blamed. From now on, his search for the criminal will sometimes cross with the mafia, sometimes with the police, and sometimes with the US deep state.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (Google Play Store & App Store)

Let’s do some nostalgia, who doesn’t love the GTA series, it’s a part of our childhood. The GTA series, which entered the lives of most of us with Vice City, was integrated into the mobile platform a long time ago in San Adreas, where a model with a better story and probably the best of the series will not come. At game Carl Johnson a black character named (CJ) Groove StreetOur story begins with the death of her mother, who lived in , and her return to Los Santos.

In the game, we witness CJ’s gradually forming his own gang and the changes he went through in his own world while forming his gang. I strongly recommend you to try it as the mobile controls are pretty good.


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Another game integrated into the mobile platform from the PC and PS version. The story of this game is a little different. Leon, the main character of our game, is faced with a greater danger this time. After the president’s daughter is kidnapped by a terrorist organization, various agents are mobilized to search for the president’s daughter.

Leon is sent to investigate a small village on the Franco-Spanish coast. Going to this town far from the city with two local police officers, Leon asks the police to wait in the car and goes to the village to talk to the villagers. Leon, who enters a house here, is not welcome here at all. The first person the president asks about his daughter suddenly attacks Leon with a sickle. Having to kill the villager, Leon realizes that this person is not a zombie. Hearing the cries of the police officers outside, Leon realizes that there are strange events in the village when he sees the cars of the policemen rolled into the stream. There is no exit from the village anymore. As the only bridge providing access to the village was destroyed, these strange events may also have a connection with the terrorist organization that kidnapped the president’s daughter, Ashley.

The game has been removed from Google Play due to its content, but it can be installed with APK+OBB.

I hope you find what you are looking for in this list that I have created for you, I wish you a healthy day.

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