Best free Compass apps for Windows 10

This is the generation of travelers, explorers, free birds, and bloggers. People want to explore new places on their own. They don’t want the interruption of a travel guide or a team of strangers. This is why the dependency on GPS navigation and compasses has increased.

Best free Compass apps for Windows 10

We need reliable and maps and compasses to get where we want to. Here are ten amazing Compass apps for Windows 10. Some of them are more than just a compass. They all have very useful features that come handy while traveling.

  1. GPX Viewer and Recorder
  2. Quick Compass
  3. Jack of Tools
  4. Compass One
  5. Military Compass
  6. Compass 10
  7. Swift Compass
  8. Compass App
  9. Magnetic Compass
  10. Precision Compass.

1] GPX Viewer and Recorder

This is a very popular app among Windows 10 users. Download the app directly from the Microsoft Store if you are a traveler. Enjoy four helpful modes of the app. One is a simple compass synced with your map. Another is the one that helps you draw out a route on a map for navigation. A third mode enables you to navigate without drawing out a map. The fourth mode lets you replay a previously-stored route.

2] Quick Compass

Compass apps for Windows 10

This is a totally different app with the same name. Let’s not get confused. The app is lighter than the other Quick Compass app. It needs about 600MB of storage. You will find the app here. You need a compass sensor-enabled device to be able to use this app.

3] Jack of Tools

Jack of Tools

Jack of Tools is also developed by Digitalmason.net. This app has some essential tools like altimeter, speedometer, 1D, and 2D floating level, and a very accurate compass. You can easily access all these tools at a single press of a button. You can calibrate geographical locations, mark new labels, and find your way to any location. Download the app from the Microsoft Store to experience the most convenient and systematic union of technology and travel.

4] Compass One

Compass One

Compass One comes with an inbuilt magnetic needle. You can switch between needle mode and heading mode depending on whichever you find easier to comprehend. You can also switch between a hybrid map and a normal map mode. This app comes with an array of wallpapers, themes, and support tiles. Download the app directly from the Microsoft Store and enjoy a versatile compass app.

5] Military Compass

Military Compass

A pretty simple app, the Military Compass practically turns your device into a military compass. You can easily find the north from any given place. You can set the direction you want to trace. Download this app right here. It is absolutely free. This app has been the favorite of those who like to keep it simple.

6] Compass 10

Compass 10

Compass 10 is an Alphawolf Software production. It runs on the GPS of your device. Download this app for free from the Microsoft Store. Enjoy features like GPS compass, GPS Speedo, and the “Where Am I?” feature. You get to choose from six different compasses. This app is perfect for devices that have a reliable inbuilt GPS system or compass.

7] Swift Compass

Swift Compass

Swift Compass works with both GPS and device compass sensor. It shows latitude and longitude. It also shows Altitude. This app also acts as a speedometer when you’re on the move. Download this versatile app right here. BeetRoot Software Inc. made sure the app has a user-friendly interface. It comes in handy when you are exploring a new place. If you are lost, Swift Compass will guide you home or further away, whichever way you want to go.

8] Compass App

Compass App

Developed by Gishtaki, this simple compass app depends on the device’s compass sensor. It displays your directed with respect to the magnetic north. The accuracy of this app highly depends on the accuracy of the device sensors. What you get from the app is ease of use. Download this app from the Microsoft Store and enjoy features like Snap View, Pinch to Zoom, and Swipe to Rotate.

9] Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compass

This is yet another simple compass that you can download for free from the Microsoft Store. This app also runs on the device compass sensor. Published by Lacko Luboslav, this app was released in October 2013. It was popular back then, but now some people prefer complex compass apps. If you prefer a simple, lightweight compass, this one’s for you.

10] Precision Compass

Precision compass

Precision Compass is yet another lightweight magnetic compass app that helps you find your way. This MB.NET Software app comes with the Geolocation feature. This app has been in the Microsoft Store for three years now. The user interface is very simple and smooth. Get this app for Windows 10. Never worry about getting lost again.

All of these apps have several essential features. Choose one or more depending on your needs. They are free anyway. Most of them are lightweight. So you can have multiple compass apps if you please.

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