Best free Hidden Object Games for Windows 10

Hidden Object Games are a special sub-niche of puzzle games. They involve finding certain hidden objects from the image background. These games are popular among the intellectuals. Furthermore, they are helpful for the development of young brains. So if you are searching for beneficial games for your kids, try this niche.

Hidden Object Games for Windows 10

Here is a list of some of the best free Hidden Object Games for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft Store:

  1. Hidden City
  2. The Paranormal Society
  3. Vampire
  4. Seekers Notes
  5. Murder in the Alps
  6. Letters From Nowhere
  7. Homicide Squad
  8. Hidden Animals.

Hidden Object Games are comparatively easy to play. You won’t need to learn specific controls or master any environment. Simply open the image and search for the object.

1] Hidden City

This game has an interesting story. You, as the character, are the owner of a detective agency. Some strange happenings have become a concern for you. Mirages of an unknown city have been reported from various parts of the world. The situation becomes personal when a black smoke, which is alive drags one of your friends to the phantom city. You have to save him while pursuing the mission in the dark city. Download the game from the Microsoft Store.

2] The Paranormal Society

The Paranormal Society

The coolest part about The Paranormal Society is that the game has an appeal straight out of a Happy Potter novel. It is based in the Victorian era London. The city is under attack from malevolent phantoms. While the government doesn’t confess to it, but they have been seeking assistance from the paranormal society. Your character is that of a woman who just saw her husband’s soul leaving his body to join other phantoms. Thus you join the paranormal society to help your husband and the society. Learn the rest here.

3] Vampire


The vampire is a little different from other hidden object games in the list. A little more difficult too. The story is that a princess has been kidnapped by an ancient vampire. He is adventurous and thus allows his prisoners a chance to escape his dungeon. However, the princess needs to solve secret puzzles to pass through the targets. The tough part is that many hidden objects are behind other objects. Even more, the view is a 360 degree one. Check more about the game on the Microsoft Store.

4] Seekers Notes

Seekers Notes

Seekers Notes is an interesting game where you are inside a city called Darkwood. The city is under the possession of the dark forces and is cursed. To rectify the curse, you need to solve puzzles and win the city back. However, everyone doesn’t have the ability to do so. You are the chosen character who can see objects in the Darkwood city. Find the way to the final goal and win the game. You can get this game from the Microsoft Store here.

5] Murder in the Alps

Hidden Object Games

The best part with Murder in the Alps is its storyline. The story of the game has been picked up from a novel. It is based in the Europe of the 1930s. Unlike most other games in this list, this one involves real-life situations. You assume the role of Anna Myers, who is a detective from Zurich. While staying at a hotel in the Alps, she is informed about an unsolved murder story in the same hotel. As Anna starts investigating the case, she narrows down upon ten suspects. Solving the case involves finding missing objects. The game is available in the Microsoft Store here.

6] Letters From Nowhere

Letters From Nowhere

If you are searching for a scary hidden objects game, try Letters From Nowhere. The story of the game is based in the town of Hazewich. Strange occurrences have shocked the entire town. Enigmatic murders, scary symbols in the morgue, people reporting the presence of demons, etc. has brought the place to a standstill.

You are a former resident of Hazewich who has been living away for 7-years. After receiving a letter from your grandfather, you decide to return. As your train reached the town, you notice that it is all ghosted out. Would you be able to crack the mystery? Learn more here.

7] Homicide Squad

Homicide Squad

The city is in a mess because of crime. From frozen men to a bloody fountain, recent occurrences have scared the residents of the city. You are a detective who needs to unravel the mystery behind the murders and solve them. However, it isn’t easy. You would need to find hidden objects and find the links. Download the game from the Microsoft Store here.

8] Hidden Animals

Hidden Animals

If you are an animal lover, this game would be worth a download for you. It involves finding animals from images of their native environments. The images are usually 360-degree panoramas. This game is pretty relaxing. If you want to take a break, just sit back and enjoy the scenes and sounds of these native environments. The game is available on the Microsoft Store here.

Which one’s your favorite?

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