Best Mail Programs for Mac

Match for best email programs which ones? We’ve seen the difficulty Mac users have in finding an advanced email application, and we’ve compiled a list for it.

Apple Mail is a mail application that comes installed on MacOS-based Apple computers. It supports all e-mail services. It has Turkish language support. It is free, no payment is required during use. However, it is reliable.

In this respect, it is more than enough for many users. However, there are those who like the application as well as those who do not. If you are in the second group, you are probably not used to Apple Mail and are looking for more advanced features.

If you think it’s true, we suggest you also take a look at the best mail clients on our list.

List of Best Mail Programs for Mac

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Newton Mail
  • spark
  • Airmail
  • Canary Mail

1. Mozilla Thunderbird Features

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the applications that should be at hand for those who prefer a fast and convenient email application. The application is appreciated by Mac users with its ease of use and overall performance.

You can filter, archive, tabulate, and much more incoming emails by sender, label, and time.

2. Newton Mail Features

Newton Mail is an application set out with the vision of providing a fast and reliable email client for Mac users. It works on iOS (iPhone), iPadOS (iPad), Android and Windows as well as macOS.

One of Newton’s best features is saving emails to other apps with one click. For example, if you are using OneNote or Evernote, you can easily transfer any mail to these applications in Newton Mail.

The app also has email scheduling feature for those who don’t want to send the email now. If you don’t want intense light at night, there is also a dark mode that will not tire your eyes.

You can also share your emails publicly. You also determine how long these e-mails will be open to the public.

3. Spark Features

  • Smart inbox: Show only the most important emails in your inbox.
  • Smart search: Quickly find any email.
  • Email scheduling: Set a time to send emails later.
  • Template: Set a template for emails. Send your next email faster.
  • Cooperation: Evaluate emails with your team. Ask questions, get answers, maintain inter-team communication.
  • Reminding: Emails don’t get lost. Let Spark remind you.

4. Airmail Features

  • It has support for Gmail, G Suite, iCloud Mail, Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, IMAP and POP3.
  • It allows you to see all your emails in one place at the same time.
  • It has a privacy mode.
  • Allows scheduling emails to be sent later.

Airmail is one of the programs that comes to mind when it comes to the best mail programs for Mac. The program has many features that Apple Mail does not have. The user interface has been kept simple and plain. Of course, there is no compromise on elegance. So much so that the application won the Apple Design Award in 2017.

5. Canary Mail Features

  • It has end-to-end encryption support.
  • It provides easy access to e-mails with smart filtering. You can also delete junk emails in bulk with it.
  • It works integrated with applications such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Todoist, iCal and Dropbox.
  • It offers Turkish language support.

Match for best email programs Is there an application that you like in the list? You can find this application below.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Add and manage as many email accounts as you want in Mozilla Thunderbird. Easily filter between archived emails.


Newton Mail

Newton Mail

One of the best mail programs for Mac and iPhone.




The best free mail program for Mac


Airmail 3

Airmail 3

One of the best mail programs for Mac.

Canary Mail

Canary Mail

Secure mail program with end-to-end encryption for Mac

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