BIGFOOT game review

Bigfoot is a horror adventure game. If we take a brief look at the story of the game; A group of tourists go missing in Jasper national park. The players are pursued by a man trying to find the mysterious and elusive Big Foot. It seems he may be behind the mysterious disappearances of the tourists. Take a look at this game review we prepared about Bigfoot and find out everything you need to know about this game released in 2017 by CyberLight Game Studios before you buy.

BIGFOOT review

There is a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players in the game. There is an oppressive mysterious atmosphere. Thunderstorm sounds and accompanying sounds make the atmosphere great. It has good graphics components. Intuitive and simple gameplay. It offers truly pure adventure and fun. But just being a monster might seem like a downside. But the goal of the game is already focused on one monster: Bigfoot. And when you catch Bigfoot, nothing else happens. In this sense, it offers limited content.

The game is in early access. It is constantly being developed with new updates. Updates are available for special occasions like Halloween. New sound effects, map improvements and optimization improvements are constantly coming.

BIGFOOT gameplay

BIGFOOT game is not a complicated game to play. You will find yourself with other partners in an environment with a variety of vehicles and a pair of weapons. You will get these along with first aid kits, night vision devices, batteries, cameras, tracking cartridges and other useful items and you will search for the creature.

As in other hunting games, you will need patience and determination, because these qualities will be put to the test when hunting Bigfoot. But remember that even the most experienced hunter can become a victim. The developers paid great attention to the creation of artificial monster intelligence and made it as realistic as possible. That’s why Bigfoot has magical abilities.


How does Bigfoot hunt?

Where to find Bigfoot in BIGFOOT, how to hunt? Good question. First of all, players can install cameras in the forest for monitoring. It is then possible to use special ammo to monitor the monster’s movements. It’s much easier to hunt with meat traps. Players cannot collect meat from dead animals, but they can find a few pieces of meat in the trailer and trap it. The danger here is that players can get trapped, so be sure to report this to other players.


BIGFOOT Graphics and Sound

A large area with lakes, marshes and caves is available for hunting. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 4. The graphics of the game are really nice, the environment, lightning and night sky impressive monster also looks quite colorful, but unfortunately not as scary as the storm. The developers worked hard on the audio component. The oppressive atmosphere, incomprehensible screams and sometimes quite intense silence make the game atmospheric and quite scary.

Besides various scary creatures, there are also caves where you can place a camera. There will also be several houses where you can stock up on supplies, find an additional rifle, ammunition and other tools.

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