Bus Simulator 21 review

The simulator genre is one of the most unique among the current computer game genres, as it is full of really interesting games. Simulation games, which are normally based on mundane tasks or tasks, allow anyone to live a career that they cannot do in real life. When it comes to bus simulation, Astragon and Stillalive Studios’ Bus Simulator 21 brings some new updates to the series and expands its vision even further.

Bus Simulator 21 review

Bus Simulator 21’s main job is driving, and whether you know what it means to drive a vehicle of this size, it won’t take long to hit the roads. The ability to create instant routes was an improvement that simplified much of the boredom from the previous game. And you’ll be able to plan those routes based on a variety of factors, including whether it’s day or night, the number of stops, and peak opening times. Eventually, as your business develops, the experience points used to improve yourself and your company will increase.

Bus Simulator 21 turned out much better than I expected. There are a ton of typical shortcomings you see in simulator-type games, but they’re also very realistic. The maps are big, beautiful and varied. The buses have good handling and a sense of weight when cornering.

Bus Simulator 21 gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, Bus Simulator 21 offers a fleet of buses spanning multiple brands, each with its own set of statistics. They are not limited to the normal vehicles you will see while driving a bus on every street. There are many variations between them to offer different options that actually have an impact on driving. You can also visually upgrade your buses with new interiors, paint jobs and even advertisements.

To earn money and buy more buses, you will manage your own company and create new routes, upgrade bus stops and take further actions to improve the overall experience of your customers. It’s great to see your buses running on the routes you set, and that’s something I really didn’t think I’d say.

Bus Simulator 21 review 3

This entry in the series actually offers players an open world that could, in theory, serve as a nice playground. While there’s not much to do other than driving routes and picking up people, that’s what’s expected of a bus simulation. I would love to see more of the other parts of the work bus drivers do. Even grabbing office items or lunch would be interesting.

Besides driving these monstrous vehicles, you’ll also need to sell tickets to customers, control offending passengers and make sure your bus is accessible to all passengers. It’s essential that you stay focused while making sure you keep your riders safe.

Besides running your business or driving a bus, you can also roam freely on foot, as the game allows you to create a custom character. But to service your buses or change routes, there’s not much to do but go to the machines and interact with them. You can also roam the cities, but there will be nothing to interact with.

Bus Simulator 21 review 4

Bus Simulator 21 sound and graphics

I found the audio characteristics of Bus Simulator 21 to be quite good. The buses feel realistic in every way that helps make the buses feel immersive. My favorite aspect is the voice actors. All the dialogue from the passengers is pretty vulgar, which brings a light and silly tone to everything.

Bus Simulator 21 review 5

Visually, it’s okay, though not very good. The lighting was well done, but other things sometimes felt lifeless. In other words, when there is an accident, there is no damage to buses, vehicles or even the terrain.

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