Can a municipal staff member transfer to another institution?

Municipalities is a public institution and as in other public institutions, in municipalities within the scope of DMK numbered 657. officer people working as other they can apply for transfer to move to municipalities or institutions.Sep 28, 2019

How does a municipal officer transfer to another institution?

Law No. 657 on Civil Servants seeks the condition of “consent between institutions” for the transition process between institutions. In order to obtain this consent, first your officer wants to transfer drying must apply with a written petition to request the transfer.

Can a permanent officer be transferred to another staff?

According to Article 74 of the 657 Civil Servants Law officer can be assigned as The law is as follows. A subject to 657 as prescribed by law a from the institution to a staff transfer assignments can be made; however, there must be mutual consent of the institutions for the appointment to be made.

Can a permanent civil servant request appointment in the municipality?

Status of civil servants in universities and municipalities Will start working in these institutions officers does not have the right to transfer within the institution, but if he can find an institution to request him, he has the right to transfer between institutions, and therefore he will be able to request transfer to another institution.

Can a permanent civil servant be reassigned with KPSS?

Officer Persons who have been appointed as the same exam result and score type cannot apply for re-central placement processes. This change has been prevented by legal regulations. However officer acting as a new KPSS For those who use the result and apply for different positions, the bans are void.

Is a city employee a civil servant?

29 April 2020 at 22:40. in municipalities officers Local Hak-Sen Chairman of the Haksen Confederation, Yavuz Toptaş, said, “The civil servants working in municipalities municipality He is an officer of the state, not of the president.”

Can municipalities recruit civil servants without examination?

Regular Officer The score you get from the Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS) is valid for two years. Accordingly, within two years after taking the exam, you will be a permanent member with the score you get. officer You can apply to work in the municipality.

Can a permanent officer switch to contract?

When we evaluate in the light of all the articles regular There is the possibility of transitioning from civil servant to contracted civil servant, but you cannot return to your duty as a contracted personnel before one (1) year has passed since you unilaterally resigned from the contracted civil servant.

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