Cartel Tycoon review

Cartel Tycoon is a business simulation and management game where you play as an aspiring drug lord set in Latin America in the early 1990s. Developed by Moon Moose, the game was released by tinyBuild as early access on Steam on March 18, 2021.

The aim of the game is to grow your business by avoiding rival gangs, authorities and even the US Government. The drug business isn’t as easy as setting prices and raising money. It’s about making management decisions, building an infrastructure, and recruiting lieutenants who can do the job while eliminating your enemies. Choose your lieutenants well, because if you die, they can take over your entire operation.

Cartel Tycoon review

Cartel Tycoon is mostly about planning, infrastructure and maximizing profits through smart use of your lieutenant and their expertise. You start with farms to grow the produce. The crop you grow will range from opioids to marijuana, but once grown, you need to find a way to sell and store them. Unloading your property can create some problems, especially when the authorities start messing around. You can use clever methods to hide it. You can bypass the authorities, like putting drugs in harmless products or by taking over airports and seaports out of their sight.

It’s also important to get along with local governments in Cartel Tycoon, especially if you want to expand into other regions. Of course, you’ll have to defeat any local cartels before claiming their land. There is really no war in Cartel Tycoon, but war is inevitable. For example, if you lose a controversial smuggling port, it could ruin your business. However, if you send your lieutenants before they have enough strength to defeat your opponents, they will be killed and not just be killed; they will probably be disintegrated and left as specimens. Cartel Tycoon takes a surprisingly bleak take on life and inevitable death in the drug trade.

Cartel Tycoon gameplay

Cartel Tycoon is an Early Access game, but still stylish and visually pleasing. There are two different ways to play: There is a compelling story that shows you the drug trade and teaches you how to be a mafia boss. There is also a challenging sandbox mode. But with persistence and a little luck, you can get your share of the Latin American drug trade. While extremely visually pleasing, Cartel Tycoon will receive balance updates, new buildings, and expansion updates before it’s fully released.

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I didn’t expect to be so impressed with Cartel Tycoon. While it’s not a 4X game, it adds a somewhat brutal expansion to the management genre, and it’s extremely compelling. I’m excited to see how Cartel Tycoon takes shape with Early Access.

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