Clean Master for Windows 11/10 will clean and optimize your PC

Clean Master is a Windows-based cleaner tool that helps the user to remove junk files, folders, registry entries from the computer and optimizes performance. Just like any other PC cleaner software, it has been developed to optimize computers by removing junk, and other unnecessary files present inside the operating system. Clean Master is a popular cleaning tool for Android and iOS – and it is now available for Windows PCs too.

Clean Master for Windows PC

Clean Master looks everywhere inside the PC and fetches all those junk files and cleans them up. Once launched, this junk cleaner for Windows scans for junk files stored under different location and at the end sums up the junk files and registry entries that can be safely removed.

The application cleans up system cache, web cache, other software junk, social software junk, video and audio junk, registry and online games junk files.

System cache includes the recycle bin, OS files, system files, temp files, log files, and system patch. Anything stored under temporary folders are also cleaned out. Web caches are those cache or junk files that get created when surfing the World Wide Web via different browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Software junk files are created by applications installed in the operating system like Picasa, Internet Download Manager, MS Office, Adobe applications, etc. Social software junk files are created by social media applications like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. installed on the computer. This cache contains temp files stored under the application specific program file location. Registry Junks has unnecessary registry entries of applications, system, user profiles, and software.

A Clean Now button which appears on the top right-hand side of Clean Master removes all junk file at once. Users can also browse to a specific section and clean unwanted files. The application is designed in such a way that it can scan more than 500 popular applications available and removes the created junk files. Using an optimization tool can also potentially help computers from freezing randomly.

Clean Master also offers an Ignore function that allows the user to add files that they don’t want to remove. These ignored files will appear at the bottom right-hand side in the application.

Clean Master is a freeware PC optimization tool and can be installed on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers. The free version has limited features and includes Junk Clean, PC Boost and Privacy modules only.

How can I optimize my computer for faster performance?

There are several things you can do to optimize your computer for faster performance. Whether you are using Windows 11, Windows 10, or any other version, the steps are almost the same. For example, you can delete temporary files, clean up your Registry files, delete system cache, free up some space on your hard disk, etc. As all these things are quite time-consuming, you can opt for a third-party tool like Clean Master.

Does cleaning your PC improve performance?

Yes, it does improve the performance up to a point. However, it depends on numerous things, including your hardware, i.e., processor, motherboard, RAM, etc. When it comes to the software part, you can most certainly use the Clean Master to get better performance without spending money on hardware.

Download Clean Master from here and share your feedback in the comments below. And remember to create a system restore point first!

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