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Clubhouse and TED Joined! New Content On The Way

Clubhouse, one of the platforms we have seen frequently lately, is partnering with the giant podcast platform TED. As a result of the partnership in question, new content will emerge. Clubhouse and TED Joined! New Content On The Way

Clubhouse and TED Joined! New Content On The Way

The platform, which shook the world when it first came out, has been losing its popularity a little lately. As a result of his lost popularity, he is now like Facebook and Twitter fighting giants. But unfortunately, many social media platforms offer the application’s own idea to its users with different names. That’s why Clubhouse started to establish new partnerships in order not to lose its users.

Clubhouse is making the first of these partnerships with TED, one of the largest podcast platforms in the world. Thank Your Ass OffThe first presentation named ” is today at 18:00 CET will happen. In addition, according to the agreement, TED is free to market its own content or place products in these presentations. In short, TED will feel at home with no strangers.

In addition, the partnership in question is not limited to a single conversation. In addition to the speech to be held, special presentations are planned to be held in the coming days. But for now, there is no information about whether Turkish content will come. Presentations to be made The English known to happen.

Clubhouse and TED Joined!  New Content On The Way

As users who have used the Clubhouse application before know, chat rooms are mostly about conversations about business life. However TED talks and generally takes place on this agenda. Therefore, it is known that the partnership will make a great contribution to the contents of the Clubhouse.

So what do you think about this partnership? Are you using the Clubhouse app? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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