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Clubhouse Now Open to Everyone! Here are the details

The recently popular social media application Clubhouse has announced its long-awaited news. The platform, which has been in beta for about six months, is finally open for everyone. Clubhouse Now Open to Everyone! Here are the details

Clubhouse Now Open to Everyone! Here are the details

Especially with the pandemic period, users who stayed at home started to use social media applications more actively. clubhouse The application has also been a favorite of users since its first release. The popularity of the aforementioned application Clubhouse has also given some inspiration to other social media applications. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Disort and Spotify took Clubhouse as an example and added voice chat rooms exclusive to Clubhouse. However, the platform in question was only active for iOS users. Normally, Android users also expected the platform to be active for them. Finally, the expected day has come and now Clubhouse is out of beta.

Clubhouse, as it is known, has been going through the beta process since it first came out. The application, which was first active only for the iOS platform, has recently been active for the Android platform. Now, the company has announced that the application has left the beta process and is now completely open to everyone.

Users can now follow Clubhouse links, join a creator’s community, or attend any public event. In addition, the company made a small change on the logo side. As seen in the image we shared, there is a new prominent icon in front of the logo.

The Clubhouse application did not attract much attention when it was first released. But after a short time, the platform started to be used by famous names. In this way, it has risen rapidly and has achieved a remarkable popularity.

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