CVS Debuts Same-Day Prescription Delivery in Some Cities

CVS just made it easier than ever to never leave your house. As Axios found, the pharmacy giant recently announced that it will be rolling out same- and next-day home delivery in certain cities. In some cases, you could get your medications delivered to your door in a matter of hours.

The free delivery service will start in early December 2017 with same-day delivery in Manhattan. In 2018, the program will expand to San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Other areas of the country will get next-day delivery service around the same time. You’ll be able to get both prescription products and a small selection of over-the-counter products delivered in tamper-proof packaging.

Many insurance companies already offer (or require) mail-order pharmacy service, where you get regular deliveries of 90-day supplies of your medications. CVS’s program can be used on an as-needed basis, though, and if you’re already a CVS customer, it means that you don’t have to abandon your regular pharmacist. Walgreen’s mail-order service, by contrast, costs $20 in shipping if you want to receive your meds within one business day.

The CVS service might be particularly useful in two ways: if you’re at home sick and don’t want to show up to wait in line for meds, or if you use a pharmacy near your workplace but want to fill your prescription without leaving your neighborhood on the weekends.

[h/t Axios]


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