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Darker Theme Option Now Available in Google Chrome!

As you know, Google Chrome has been offering dark theme options to its users for a while. Now he has made an innovation on the subject. Darker theme option is now available in Google Chrome.

Darker Theme Option Now Available in Google Chrome!

We are now very used to the dark theme, which was not once in our lives. Many users do not like to see a bright and white screen when they enter platforms such as Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. That’s why he prefers to use the dark theme. An innovation on the subject came from Google and started to work on the more ‘dark’ theme.

However, users are divided into two different groups regarding the dark theme. One group thinks the current gray dark mode is too good. Another group sees this mode, which is not dark enough, as disturbing. Desiring to please its users in both groups, Google started testing its new theme. According to these tests, Google Dark and Darker Theme to its users, including It will offer two options.

Google Chrome users will be able to select and use the theme they want from the Appearance option in the Settings tab, as before. The application in question is currently in the testing phase. However, instead of making the existing Dark Theme darker, Googleto It will make many users happy by offering this theme as a third option.

So what do you think about this issue? Also, are you using Google Chrome? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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