Discord Game Sound Issues

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Some users reported receiving Discord Game Audio issues on Discord’s community forum. However, this issue can occur due to various reasons such as incorrect sound setting and corrupted sound drivers.

Discord is a free VoIP app and digital distribution platform designed for gamers. You can use it for both chatting and streaming content, and it offers some of the best services of its kind.

Discord is a free VoIP platform for the video game community. It offers text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord uses the selected microphone to send user audio to other users in the channel.

If you are also having trouble with this error, here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the game crashing issue in Windows.

What to do if Discord is getting game audio?

1. Check the Stereo Mix setting

game sound
  1. in the taskbar speaker Right click on the icon.
  2. Sounds select the option.
    game sound
  3. if Sounds If the option does not appear, Click on the sound settings.
  4. Related Settings go and then To the Audio Control Panel click.
  5. In the sound window Record Open the tab.
  6. Stereo Mix Right click your device and Disable choose.
  7. Sound Control Panel close.
  8. Start Discord and User Settings Click the icon (Grear icon).
  9. from the left pane Audio and Video setting Select the option.
  10. Output Device Click the drop-down menu under the section and Output Device aspect your headset choose.
  11. Input Device aspect your microphone choose.
  12. Save the change and restart Discord. Then check if Discord fixes the game sound issue.

2. Change microphone settings

game sound
  1. in the taskbar Volume adjustment Right click the icon.
  2. Sounds choose.
  3. If the Sounds option is not available, Go to Open Sound Settings > Related Settings > Open Sound Control Panel.
  4. Incoming Sound open in window registration tab.
  5. Right click on your microphone device and Properties choose.

  6. Microphone Features open in window listen Click the tab.
  7. Listen to this device Uncheck the box.
  8. geswollen Click the tab.
  9. Make sure the following options are checked:
    Allow apps to have exclusive control over this device. and give priority to Private mode apps.
  10. To save the changes Apply and to ok Click.

After the microphone settings are changed, open Discord and check if the Discord audio issue is resolved.

11858 technical support

3. Update Audio drivers for Game Sound Issues

  1. To open Run Windows Key + R Press the keys.
  2. devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager type and click.
  3. in Device Manager Sound, video and game controllers Expand the category.
  4. Right click on your audio device and Update Driver choose.
  5. GAutomatically search for updated driver software Select the option.
  6. Windows will download and install any pending updates for the sound drivers.
  7. Next, microphone right click on your device and Update Driver choose.
  8. Automatically search for updated driver software Select the option. Then let Windows install any pending updates for the driver.
  9. Then close Device Manager and check for any improvements.

4. Disable the audio drivers

  1. Open the Sound Control Panel. To the speaker icon > Sound right click.
    • Or Click Open Sound Settings > Open Sound Control Panel.
  2. In the sound window Playback Open the tab.
  3. to realtek speaker right click and Disable choose.
  4. Next, to NVIDIA High Definition right click and Disable choose.
  5. To save the changes Apply and to ok Click.
  6. Close the Audio Control Panel. Then check for any improvement.

Discord receiving game sound is triggered by misconfigured recording or playback devices. Follow all the steps in this article one by one to fix the problem of continuing your chat session on Discord.

FAQ: Learn more about Discord’s collection of game audio

  • Why is Discord getting game sound?

If the recorder or playback device is misconfigured, Discord will pick up the game audio. However, you can fix the problem by disabling the Stereo Mix device from the Sound Control Panel.

  • Why can’t I hear my game while on Discord?

This issue may occur if the audio device or setting is not configured correctly. It also happens due to a glitch or bug in the Discord app. To fix the problem, make sure that the audio device you are using is set as default in the Sound Control Panel.

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