Dualsense Review and New Features

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DualSense rather than a new joystick, it is a device that contains innovations. In fact, when we look at the design details DualShock 4We see that he is following in the footsteps of . well Sonywhile not giving up its classic lines, it has put its signature under different touches in this controller.

280 grams weighing DualSense it now has a more comfortable hand-fitting structure. In other words, when you take the controller in your hand, you are faced with a more ergonomic and firmer grip. Incidentally, it is very small to touch these handle parts. PlayStation Details marks are processed.

In terms of grip quality DualShock 4We can say that it is much better than . But when we look at it from a design point of view, we see that the analog sticks are positioned symmetrically again.

Except for direction and normal keypad in design options and one share button is included. This share You can customize the button as you wish. When you press it once or twice, you can assign features such as taking screenshots and recording videos. DualShock v2 We can say that it has similar properties with .

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From a design perspective PS We can say that the key functions as the main menu as in the previous controller. In addition to accessing events in games, you can also perform functions such as returning to the main menu, thanks to this button.

just above this button speakerif below microphone key exists. Speaker part of it appears in different uses in games. You can hear radio or telephone conversations or raindrops from this section. As an example of this Jin Sakai in Ghost Of Tsushima A gust of wind comes from the Dualsense’s speaker when your character moves his fingers while he’s injured and unconscious at the start of the game.

On the lower part of the controller, there is a classic 3.5mm jack input and if you have a charging station, there is an input that will allow you to use it, on the top of the controller, which is a revolutionary innovation. USB-C There is an entry on this SONYWe can say that it deserves appreciation.

11858 technical support

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback It’s an amazing feature that takes the next level of the vibration phenomenon we encounter in controllers, the realistic game concept one step forward. DualSense It allows you to experience many different vibrational waves. So much so that you can even feel the movement of the character you are directing on the grass or on the sand in your palms. When a wind blows from the left, the controller also starts to vibrate from the left. Or, when it rains, a vibration system is included in the controller where you can feel even the raindrops one by one. Battle Royale In games, you can understand from which direction your opponent’s footprints come from, by the shaking of the right or left part of the controller, this feature will carry the game experience to a very high level.

ps5_dualsense_haptic.gif (640×360)

Adaptive Trigger

Adaptive Trigger feature, as the name suggests, offers a technology that operates via trigger keys. dualsense In the off state or in the main menu, you can see that the trigger keys have a very soft press. But when you switch to some games, you come across very different usage patterns. The trigger keys put pressure on your finger depending on the situation you are in. So when you stretch a bow in Last Of Us 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops : Cold War’When you use a gun or throw a web with Spider-Man, you feel that pressure on your finger. Normally, the trigger keys that flow like oil force your finger and take position according to the action you enter, in order to understand this in more detail, this video We recommend that you watch.

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This allows you to feel the trigger and firing mechanism of the weapon you are using in your hands, SONY With this controller, it has proven to us that the 7-year wait is worth the wait. Unfortunately, the stocks of the console, whose purchase has climbed to high numbers in our country, are not even in the stocks of most elite brands. We want it to be experienced by users.

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