EMERGENCY20 review

Another part of the EMERGENCY strategy and simulation game series, where we take control of firefighters, police, ambulance and technical services to face the effects of disasters, natural disasters and accidents. EMERGENCY20 is the newest installment in the popular strategy-simulation series that puts players in the role of chief of the crisis team.

The game brings together the best elements that have been featured throughout the series for over 20 years. These elements have been further developed, improved and reworked. Developed by Sixteen Tons Entertainment, the game was released on Steam towards the end of 2017.

EMERGENCY20 review

While playing EMERGENCY20, you control teams of firefighters, police, emergency medical services and technical services who have to deal with the disaster situation after different accidents, natural disasters and disasters. Players are tasked with securing the area, caring for the wounded, and clearing the area after an operation.

All these activities need to be completed in real time, so the key to success lies in the ability to improvise. The game has three difficulty levels that determine the complexity of the particular difficulties and can be adjusted according to the preferences and skills of the players.

EMERGENCY20 consists of three parts from its predecessors (EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 2016 and EMERGENCY 2017) and ten classic missions from previous parts of the series. These missions have been reworked in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics. There is also Free Play mode where players don’t have to worry about preset time and resource limits even in cooperative multiplayer mode. You can also play multiplayer with up to 4 players.

EMERGENCY20 gameplay

Let me give you a few examples of what kind of disasters you will encounter in the game. What happens if a meteorite hits a city centre? What if a fireworks factory explodes? You can control the disaster! Exciting realistic missions will be waiting for you, from an illegal street race to a nuclear disaster. Meanwhile, you need to stay calm and coordinate the rescuers.

You need to decide in real time where to best deploy your units and which tasks need to be tackled first. As an incident commander, you need to make the best use of your limited units and always be on the alert. Because at any moment, an unexpected situation may occur and your plans may be disrupted.

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EMERGENCY20 has good quality 3D graphics. The environmental elements and vehicle models used by various units in the game are rich in details. Also, various particle effects such as realistic smoke animation accompanying disasters will delight you.

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