Everest EWR-521N2 Access Point Installation

Everest EWR-521N2 Access Point Installation written and visual in our article. everest ewr-521n2 setup We will explain the steps.

Internet, which is an indispensable part of our daily life, affects our lives positively or negatively. When we have an internet problem in our home or office, we immediately look for a solution.

Sometimes, the solution to these problems is to improve with the small changes we make in the interface of the modem from which we buy the internet, while the solution to the insufficient power of the internet is to have a device or devices that will repeat your internet that you can use as an Access Point.

Thanks to the Everest EWR-521N2 Access Point Installation, you can distribute your internet without any problem after you plug your Repeater device into the socket while it is within the signal area of ​​your internet.

Everest EWR-521N2 Access Point Installation

There are 2 different ways to install Everest EWR-521N2 Access Point. 1. Wired Installation We plug one end of the ‘Yellow or Gray’ internet cable into one of the ethernet ports on the back of the modem. We attach the other end of the Ethernet cable to the computer case or to the left or right of the Laptop. If you do not have the opportunity to make a cable connection;

Finding the wireless network name of the device that you will use as the Everest EWR-521N2 Access Point and connecting it will be enough for us to reach the interface of the device.

If we have established a connection to the device that we will use as an Access Point, we log in to our browser.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc. open it. Type the modem’s IP in the address field and press enter.

Username: admin

Password: admin

We click the OK button.

If you want to use the Everest EWR-521N2 Repeater device as an Access Point, after installing the Access Point, an ethernet cable must be connected between the two modems.

Click on the Wireless option.

Click on Basic Settings.

In the section that says SSID, we write the name we will use when we want to connect to the Everest EWR-521N2 Repeater device.

We click on Apply Changes and we complete the wireless settings.

Click on the Security option to create a wireless password for the EWR-521N2 Repeater device. In the Encryption section, we select the WPA-Mixed option.

We write a password consisting of 8 characters in the Pre-Shared Key Section and click Apply Changes. In order for the EWR-521N2 Repeater to detect the changes, you turn the Repeater device off and on again, and you can use your internet without any problems after connecting the Ethernet cable between the modem you receive the internet and the Repeater device.

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