EVERSPACE™ 2 review

Everspace 2 is an open world space shooter developed by ROCKFISH Games. The game, which was released as early access on January 18, 2021, is flashy and enjoyable even at this stage. We have thoroughly examined this game, where an adventure awaits you behind every asteroid. Everspace 2 is currently in Early Access on Steam. As with any EA game, this one isn’t complete yet. As of this writing, there is no firm release date for the game. That said, here’s how the game has taken shape so far, 6 months after its release.

Space has always been my area of ​​interest. I used to look with binoculars when I was little, now it is possible to enter the space atmosphere with games. I did the Everspace Review, which came out in 2016. I spent over 100 hours exploring Everspace and every second of it was a delight. This was the first game in the series and now the space adventure continues with the second game in the series.

Everspace 2 review

In Everspace 2, you play as Adam, a skilled fighter pilot who works as a security guard for a mining company operating in the edge area. The man is a clone and that puts a massive colonial-military target on his back. After an outlaw’s ambush catches you off guard, you enter a whirlwind alliance with a veteran to save the lives of your wounded comrade and only friend. Of course, there is also the potential to earn a lot of credit illegitimately. While the story is a bit cliché and a bit predictable at times, it’s still engaging.

Speaking of size, Everspace 2 has a significantly larger playing field than its predecessor. There is not only so much to explore, but also huge stations and planetary surfaces to uncover. What Everspace 2 does best is that it provides worlds and areas of immense scale, giving you a vast space to explore.

Even simple asteroid fields tell a story; some are littered with the wreckage of destroyed ships and mining outposts, while others have barely functioning automated systems. There’s a sense of hustle and bustle when you arrive at a port of bypass and see their cargo being dredged or various drones buzzed to source it, transport it. The game world feels alive and lived-in, adding another depth to an expanding universe.

Everspace 2 is different from the first game in that it is not a roguelike genre. It is an open world shooter with more RPG elements. This is not a bad thing. Death is no longer a progress reset, and instead you’ll find yourself respawning at the last autosave point, ready to try again with your navy and credits intact. Sounds like Rockfish is trying to tell more stories here.

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Everspace 2 gameplay

Playing Everspace 2 with keyboard and mouse is just as comfortable as with a controller, and I even prefer it because there seems to be more control with guns like rail guns. There’s no feeling like slashing drones at maximum distance with the precision that only a mouse can provide.

The game has ships of your choice, primary weapons, secondary weapons, ship modules, and loads of consumables to choose from for all sorts of mixing and matching. Dogfighting is natural and instinctive on ships intended for dogfighting, such as the fireman and the striker, whereas the much heavier warship functions in accordance with its nature, like a brick loaded with heavy orders.

Enemies come in a number of different variations; You will fight with scouts, fighters, bombers and more, sometimes in small packs and sometimes supported by drones of all kinds. Combat is challenging and rewarding, especially if you manage to survive the wave attacks that culminate in mini-boss combat with a Destroyer ship.

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Beyond these combat aspects of Everspace 2, there’s also plenty of exploration and some puzzle-solving pieces, all of which serve as a good change of pace to keep the game alive. While not particularly challenging, puzzles often reward you with a powerful weapon, ship module or much-needed credits early in the game. Much like its predecessor, Everspace 2 also includes crafting, but lets you craft weapons and modules with RNG bonus effects at different levels, although not to the same degree currently, and no items are alike.

Everspace 2 is at its best, and more, especially in its current Early Access state. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is spot on, and the story so far is fun with lots of room to grow. Not many game bugs. It gives you lots of fun while the game continues to evolve. Stay tuned throughout the game’s run at EA as we’ll check back to see how things are progressing.

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