Evoland Dropped to $1 on Google Play!

Evoland Less than $1

retro-themed RPG adventurous Evoland, It’s currently available for less than a dollar on Google Play. 16.99₺You can take your place in this adventure by purchasing the game for 3.19₺ from Google Play.

The game, which consists of 8 different levels, takes you on a historical journey, you can produce new technologies by progressing in the game and even bring the game system to more vivid graphics by developing. The game keeps the game evolution fully alive with 3D graphics and real-time boss battles.

In the game, you will move from simple black and white colors to a colorful and fully 3D view that will evolve over time. You will experience a bit of nostalgia and evolve towards a modern look. It is stated that the game does not contain any advertisements or in-app payments.

The languages ​​supported in the game are English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. You can get a little more idea about the game by watching the promotional video. If you like Evoland Google PlayYou can start playing by purchasing from .

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