Experimental Explore Tab Added to YouTube’s iOS App

When YouTube wants to test a new feature, as some other large companies with mobile applications do, it first provides the innovation to a small number of users, and if the tests continue smoothly, it offers the new feature to all users.

Judging by the situation, a new Explore tab is being added to the iOS version of the mobile application of the video sharing site. In this tab, it is aimed that users can access new content related to their interests, taking into account their past viewing experiences.

Experimental Explore Tab Added to YouTube’s iOS App

The Explore tab is designed to help you spot different topics, videos and channels that you might not otherwise come across; however it is still customizable and based on your viewing activity. For example, if you watch a lot of videos about telescopes, you will be able to see videos about high-end cameras in Explore. It will give you a little more variety.

The Explore tab is currently only enabled on the iOS version of YouTube and for some users. About 1% of iPhone users will see the Trending tab replaced by the new Explore tab in the YouTube app on their device.

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