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Explanation About Reddit Daily Users

One of the popular social media platforms with an undeniable number of users. Reddit daily users made a statement about it. As understood from the shared statistics, the daily Reddit user is 1/3 of the Twitter user. In this way, we can understand that Reddit has a considerable number of users.

According to the results of the researches, it is understood that the title of the most used social media platform is in the hands of Facebook. But on other platforms, it continues on its way confidently, with the confidence of its own user numbers.

Reddit daily users

Unlike other platforms, Reddit, known for its unique sharing style, is stated to have 52 million daily users. In addition, it was stated that the specified number was for last October. Although no figures were shared about the previous year, it was announced that there was an increase of 44 percent in the same period.

Reddit daily users Making a statement for Operations Chief Jen Wong, he explained that he had previously taken a stand in favor of hiding the data in question. It was stated before that sharing these numbers caused ups and downs in growth and the number of users.

It is reported that the revenues of the platform have increased by 70 percent. Compared to Twitter, it had 187 million daily users in the last quarter.

Reddit, which has come to the fore many times in the restrictions and blocking of sharing, has received criticism that freedom of expression is restricted. However, hate speech, insults and threats were cited as the reason for the restrictions. It is also known that advertisers against such content stay away.

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