Explanation Why Samsung Galaxy S 4 Doesn’t Have FM Radio

The explanation as to why there is no FM Radio in the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was made by the Samsung Company.

As we learned earlier, the FM radio that has been found in every phone in the Galaxy S series so far will not be available in the Galaxy S 4; because this time Samsung has decided not to put the FM radio app on the Galaxy S 4. According to Samsung’s statement, this is because people now prefer online music services to which they connect via mobile data instead of regular radio. Here is the full statement from Samsung Russia:

FM Radio on Galaxy S 4

(translated from Russian):

“Our research shows that interest is shifting to digital publications. In particular, we see that the sources of music content are through social networks and YouTube channels. Our flagship products are focused on our customers who use digital content and accordingly consume information through contemporary formats and channels.”

We all already know that the use of radio through classical channels is much less than in the past; but considering how expensive mobile data is in our country, it is obvious that this situation will not make Turkish technology lovers very happy. Do you think Samsung’s decision is correct? Are you one of those who frequently use the radio application over the phone?

Source: SamMobile

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