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Facebook Blocks Anti-Vaccination Profiles! New Step Taken

Facebook, one of today’s popular social media platforms, relieves its users with the updates it brings and the steps it takes. In this context, it has recently taken steps to prevent those who give false information about the Covid-19 vaccine. People who give false information about the coronavirus are prevented with this step. Facebook blocks anti-vaccine profiles!

Facebook blocks anti-vaccine profiles

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which we have been in for more than a year, platforms are taking comprehensive steps. A CNBC to the report Some people on Facebook are using custom borders on their profile pictures to make anti-vaccine claims. The popular platform can customize profile frames under normal conditions. People often resort to this step to support something.

According to the results of the investigation, it turns out that the profile frames contain messages that are banned on the social networking platform. In one of the messages:I rely on my immune system, not a needle,” statements are present.

A Facebook spokesperson, on the other hand, announced that they took steps against this situation and violated the company’s policy. spokesman Engadget“We actively support profile frameworks that encourage people to share their support for COVID-19 vaccines and remove those who violate our rules,” he told .

The spokesperson also said: “The number of users on the platform with profile frameworks that support vaccination is increasing. Millions of people around the world use one of these profile frames to express support for vaccines.‘ said.

So what do you think about the situation in question? Do you think this step taken by Facebook makes sense? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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