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Facebook Messenger Security Update Has Arrived!

The popular social media application Facebook Messenger has released a new update. With the update in question, end-to-end encryption feature came for voice and video conversations. Facebook Messenger Security Update Has Arrived!

Facebook Messenger Security Update Has Arrived!

Facebook Messenger, one of the most used applications, is now renewing itself in terms of security. The company has been working on this issue for a long time. He is also very sensitive about security. It recently introduced end-to-end encryption for text messages. Now, it also performs the same feature for voice and video calls. The company introduced new security measures by sharing a blog post on the subject.

In addition, the platform, which provides encryption for both search features, does not automatically make this feature for everyone. In addition, users who want to increase their security can activate this feature through the settings. In addition, the people that users want to chat with should also turn on this feature.

The platform is also improving the control of lost messages. This feature, which keeps what users write in the chat for a certain period of time, will become more detailed. User’s messages 5 seconds to 24 hours will have the opportunity to make them viewable. At the end of the given time, written texts will be completely removed from the chat. With this move of the company, the platform will become more secure.

So what do you think about this? Also, are you using the Facebook Messenger app? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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