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Facebook Signs Out iPhone Users

An interesting thing happened last Friday night. One of the biggest social media platforms Facebook, almost all iPhone users are logged out of their account. Users who were logged out without any explanation started a topic on Twitter in response to this situation. Facebook, iPhone Logging Out Its Users.

Facebook Signs Out iPhone Users! Re-Login Required

It appears from a recent situation that Facebookstrangely logs out iPhone users. iPhone users took action on Twitter to get information about why their accounts were closed and to show their reactions.

In the case in question, what the social media app wants is, iOS users to log into their accounts again. But for some users who want to login two factor authenticationThe presence of sms creates some problems and can prevent them from accessing their account.

According to the posts related to the event, many people who had enabled two-factor authentication were finally able to log in again. However SMS their codes were very slow to send and some had to upload pictures of their IDs to regain access.

A Facebook spokesperson about the problem EngadgetHe made the following statement to: “We are aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. We are investigating reports of users having to log back in to access their Facebook account. We believe this was due to a configuration change and we are working hard to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

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