Famous Places with Sherbet

Ottoman sherbet, which was not missing from the palace and public cuisine in the Ottoman period, was a very common value. Although sherbets were indispensable for the tables in the Ottoman period, sherbets, which lost its prevalence over time and turned into a cultural heritage, are consumed in abundance during the Ramadan months.

Sherbets, which we are not likely to encounter at other times of the year, have sunk into oblivion since acidic beverages became fashionable.

It is also very easy to make sherbets that do not contain any additives and have countless benefits. It is good for indigestion when drunk after a meal, and it gives energy when drunk before a meal.

Sherbet, which lost its popularity with the last period of the Ottoman Empire, has regained its throne in recent years. We searched for sherbet, which used to be only available during Ramadan and during the summer months, and now at the Famous Places with Sherbet, where you can find it every month of the year:

Guler Ottoman Cuisine – Kadıköy

This place, where you can taste many kinds of Ottoman sherbet, is famous for its tamarind sherbet.

Zeyrekhane Restaurant – Fatih

You can taste carefully prepared rose and tamarind sherbets at Zeyrekhane Restaurant, which has an authentic atmosphere and historical peninsula view.


Mihmandar Restaurant – Eyup

This historical place, which served as a catering and soup kitchen during the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Period, was restored in accordance with its original form in 1997 and started to serve. This place is also famous for its tamarind sherbet.


Ciya Restaurant – Kadıköy

Located in Kadıköy, this place has over 50 types of Ottoman sherbet.


Şerbethane – Fatih

You can drink rose, poppy and tamarind sherbet in this historical courtyard dating back to the 1600s, across from Hagia Sophia in Eminönü.

sherbethane fatih5

Ali Muhittin Haci Bekir – Fatih

Serving since 1777, Ali Muhittin Hacı Bekir is a place where you can find tamarind sherbet, one of the most special sherbets from the Ottoman Empire.


Odunpazari Sherbet House – Eskisehir

Located in Eskişehir Odunpazarı, this charming place offers sherbets of rose, cuttlebone, tamarind, licorice, dates, mint-lemon and carob.


Mobile Hoppers

Today, the demand for licorice sherbet in hot cities such as Adana, Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır is still considerably high. Even today, it is possible to come across mobile sherbet shops in these cities with their jug ​​sherbets and glass holders that they wrap around their waists. Mobile hops are tried to be kept alive as touristic values, and at the same time, they cure thirst in the streets they wander on hot summer days.


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